Blood Fusion War

The reincarnated Angelexis is back, and stronger as ever. She is a goddess, and now she has to face Harold and protect the family she started before she died and came back. They may not be blood, but no one touches a mother's children


28. Uncle Falc

I had turned to a wolf and all the other cubs talked about a bird man, with powers that ouw beat a Dragonshifter.

"Where does he sleep at?" I asked. They knew of my quest and answered without delay. 

"Up in a cave, in the mountains," I turned to leave. "What do we say to your father?" they asked. 

"Tell him what you wish... thank you for your help," I went to find the bird man. When I found him, all I found was a beautiful falcon. Then he shifted to a man of two eyes. 

"Hello little wolf cub. Where is your pack? What are you doing here?" but I was tired so I shifted and he gasped. I was going to collapse on my face if he didn't catch me. I fell asleep in his arms. When I woke up he was still holding me, but he was looking at the mouth of the cave. 

"Uncle Falc?" I asked. I mean he shifted to a flying creature, he has to be related.

"Yes child?" he asked with a smile.

"Can you help me defend my people?" I asked. I was always known to getting straight to the point.

"Wait, Child how old are you?" he asked.

"I am barely a year old, My Lord," I answered.

"Why are you defending you people," he asked confused. 

"It has been prophesied," I answered.

"Then child, I can't help you," he stood up and set me down on my feet. "You are a fight, I give you that , My Little Wolf," I smiled. "I will see you again someday My Little Wolf, I promise," I looked at him confused and he smiled down at me, as if I was his world.

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