Blood Fusion War

The reincarnated Angelexis is back, and stronger as ever. She is a goddess, and now she has to face Harold and protect the family she started before she died and came back. They may not be blood, but no one touches a mother's children


22. Twins

As if he knew what I wondering, and he shifted. I grabbed some clothes, for James, Dad, and I. That was when I looked at Father, and he looked me over; I mid as well start.

"Father I know you can speak English.That way everyone will know of what we speak," that was when I switched to English. "I thought I killed you," with just that one sentence I started to cry; in response,three things happened: the scales appeared upon my skin, James walked to me, and caught me as I fell and Father fell to his knees with me.

"How long have you been beating yourself up over??" I tried to pull myself together but couldn't seem to do it. I looked at James, and nodded. So he spoke for me. 

"Sir hse has been beating herself up for a long time. Now she protects her family to the extreme, to make up for her past. Sir she is going to face an enemy that she has no chance with, She will not let me help her," that was when father looked at him.

"Son in our family duty comes first above anything else, even love," that was when he looked away. That was when I understood a little. 

"Father what duty did you have to leave my mother?" I asked.

"She wasn't your real mother," he said slowly. I swallowed. 

"Then who was she?" I asked. I was afraid of the answer.

"She was a family friend that was human, and her wolf husband," he said. What I don't understand was why I was sent away. "Your mother and I are from different clans, and it is against clan law for a child that can shift into more than one animal be born, for the child's anger is too unpredictable," he paused. "You was such a child," I looked at Kim. She was of Dragonclan, and yet Father was of Wolfclan.

"Mother was a Dragonshifter?" I guessed and he nodded.

"Your first show of two forms was when you was two. You was hungry, you sister was asleep and your mother and I was going to go hunting. You had wanted to go, we told you that you had already ate and to go to bed. You screamed that it wasn't fair, that you could shift just like us. That was when you shifted. You had shifted twice once per form.First you shifted to the wolf and when I didn't let you. You immediately shifted from wolf to a mini-purple dragon, then shifted to human. That was when you passed out, we didn't go hunting, instead we called my friend, and called in a favor," he smiled. "You was always a fighter, when you was born, you was supposed to die because of a prophecy and you at age one, killed an evil, possessed wolf, and lived," then he frowned. "We never knew how you killed him, and how he was supposedly mauled by a wolf and burned to death," then he stopped and looked at me. "When you shifted for us is when we knew," he stopped and looked at me. "You are still fighting, and you will never stop, that Son," he looked at James. "That is duty, that is our family, if she is to fight an enemy that she can't when, then enjoy her while you can," he looked at me. I could see guilt in his eyes, and they were watering, I don't know why.

"Father what is it?" I asked.

"You are just like your mother. She was a fighter and it justs hurts that when she leaves you show up, and you are identical to her, you both are," that was when he looked at Kim and she step forward.

"Father, what does that make,her?" she glared at me. "My sister, a twin sister?" he nodded. 

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