Blood Fusion War

The reincarnated Angelexis is back, and stronger as ever. She is a goddess, and now she has to face Harold and protect the family she started before she died and came back. They may not be blood, but no one touches a mother's children


32. The Test

---Warning Sexual Content Explicit--

I walked over to Horus with my tongue hanging out of my mouth with a toothly grin. He laughed as I launched myself at him and licked his face. He was laughing so bad he was crying. We rolled on the ground, like that for a good while. Finally he fell asleep so did Bast, though she slept in a tree, like a cat. Bri and I kept watch for we have a bigger party than we started out with, we took turns taking watch to keep the rest of our party safe.

I fell asleep little bit after Bri took watch, I slept beside Horus, though I tried to convince him to shift and sleep in a tree so he would be safer, he wouldn't listen. So the best thing to that is a protective wolf by your side. I was awoken by Horus running his hand in my hair. Wait hair? I looked at myself, I was human.

"Something wrong Daisy?" he looked at me scared that he did something I didn't like.

"No, Horus, Mo Ghra... Just didn't expect to be human so soon that's all," I looked away. He cupped my jaw, turned me to look at him.

"Then why look away from me?" he asked. I looked away that way he wouldn't see the tears.

"Horus, in this life and in my past life I have alway either have been a vampire, witch, shifter, or a godling. I have killed so many people, I have stolen, and wrecked destruction wherever I have went. Then I died, happily, till I had a very disturbing vision... About this life, how you, James, and Rath lie dying. My ex-husband kill you guys to get to me, for I had to right a wrong. To do that I had to leave him and his son, he hates me for it. NOw, I realize that I love a vampire and a god, they both love me too. I can't keep them safe," I threw a rock at a tree; cutting it in half.

He drew me into his arms, there I cried. When I hiccuped more then cried, he laid me down. He was on his knees, straddling me.

"Daisy, can I make love to you," he asked. I looked at him, I knew I was naked, but being how he merged with James he should remember me naked. As if he knew what I was thinking. "It is different, seeing you naked, and looking at a memory of you being naked. Two different prospects, you are so beautiful. Daisy, please let me make love to you," I nodded, but I rolled him over. I scrapped my teeth on his neck. "Are you hungry?" he asked and I nodded. "Babe, I don't know that much about vampires, but go ahead and drink," with his permission. I bit him and the grip he had on my hips tightened, hopefully with the pleasure of blood letting. He was clothed, but he was still thrusting against my core; year he was enjoying blood letting. When I was full I let go of his neck and cleaned him up. I looked at him, I smiled. "What was that?" he asked breathlessly, and I laughed.

"Blood letting is fully pleasurable, we do not know why. It just is, sorry if it was too much," I went to get up, but he rolled me over. That was when he took his clothes off; I was lost for words.

"Daisy Diamond Danielle Slater, you will never be too much for us, for me Touch me please?" he needed not to ask, for I was touching him like, no other I have ever touched before. For a moment I felt guilty, that I am touching Horus, more than I did with James. Horus made sure in minutes, such thoughts was impossible. After I tortured him with my touch, he attacked my mouth in a killing kiss.

Finally he found his way to my center, not with his package but with his lips. That is where he kissed me, I moaned loudly trying not to scream, when his hot breath hit my wetness. He chuckled, he looked at me. "Should I stop?" he asked, and I shook my head. He chuckled. "So sweet, I love you Daisy. I know I shouldn't, with me being a god, but I couldn't help it," he licked me, and I thrashed. I wanted to scream so bad, but that would be embarrassing , if Bri or Bast cam to investigate the screams. "Babe, you want me to make it where you can scream and they won't hear us," I nodded. He started to chant, but I was not capable of thought. When he was done, he attacked my center, I couldn't help it. I screamed, I felt him smile. He slid up my body, and laid on me. "You liked that?" I nodded. "I don't deserve you, Baby, But I will take care of you. Will you let me?" I was myself again, and I was getting suspicious.

"Depends on how or what you will do," I replied tersely.

"Let me kill this Harold for you," he said.

"NO!!!" I snapped quickly.

"Why?" he asked while he enjoyed my breasts.

"For one I have the responsibility to clean up the mess that I make. For two it is prophesied, and for three I have duty, to you and to my people. To save them the rule of a Crazy Tyrant... My responsibility, my duty, my people, and my fate," I got up and went to go get dressed, but he grabbed my arm and turned me to look at him. 

"What do you mean, your fate?" he asked, his jaw was locked.

"Exactly what it sounds," I snapped back. That was when he raised his hand as if he was going to slap me, that was when his face distorted in pain, his eyes turn to a warm brown. That was when I heard a voice that I thought I wouldn't hear again.

"Sorry Love... He is a god and is not used to one to disobeying so to speak," James said. I looked at James defiantly.

"That is not my fault. You bound with him, I wouldn't have let you if you told me about your thoughts ahead of time. I am going to leave to fulfill this stupid prophecy  and maybe knock Harold and I out of the picture for good,"j I said. He too grabbed my arm, I looked at his hand, then back at him. I rolled my eyes, for he didn't get the hint. I jerked, I was now the human inferno, he screamed as he yanked his hand away.

I could tell when he was Horus once again. The rapid change in eye color, from James's chocolate brown, to Horus's silver and orange. I was scaley when he approached me, I looked at him. "Horus, James is a vampire, if fire gets hot enough, it will kill both him and you," I threaten. That was when I turned from him and concentrated on my dragon form.

"Danielle, please don't leave me!" I looked at him, surprised that he, a god was begging. I shouldn't had looked at him though, the look on his face was heartbreaking. 

"Why? You was going to hit me! You are a god, a king, you should understand, more than anyone here where I am coming from. In my past life I ruled, I was a Queen and Harold was King, I left it, so I could fix a mistake. YOU should let me leave, you will... If you love me, let me go," I told him. I was crying, he reached out and wiped them away, the tears. I looked up, he was crying too. "Why are you crying?" I asked. He smiled and I felt if I was the one all over again.

"For this was a test, and one that many would have failed anymore, but you, My Love, passed," he said with pride. "Promise me this... Let me travel with you for a month, then if you still want to go solo, you can. No fights, I will have no one to follow you, and there will be no contact, whatsoever," he went sad. I never known anyone to understand, not even James, but I could see how much this was hurting Horus to offer this. He is, and always will be my black, shining knight in armour.


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