Blood Fusion War

The reincarnated Angelexis is back, and stronger as ever. She is a goddess, and now she has to face Harold and protect the family she started before she died and came back. They may not be blood, but no one touches a mother's children


29. Rage

**Warning Sexual Content**


I gasped, as I let Bast up. I looked at Horus and I started to cry and he caught me as I was going to fall.

"What is her problem?" Bast asked Horus. He looked at her sharply

"She just remembered!" he yells at her and I flinch. He looks at me again and I was still crying. "Baby?" he asked, but I didn't respond. "My Little Wolf?" I looked up at him. That was when he leaned down to kiss me. Being how Horus is the man I have been dreaming about, and how he is in my Husband's body, I was powerless against him, just like James, but more so. Horus was a different kisser, but ferouses just like James. First he nibbled on my bottom lip, but then he would slide his tongue in my mouth. When I wrapped my arms around his neck, then he broke off, the kiss but nibbled on my top lip. When I moaned he slid his tongue back in my mouth, but this time he didn't stop. Instead, he pulled me closer, but that was when I came to my senses. I broke off the kiss and left us bother catching our breath. 

"She is not a goddess," she scoffed, that made the scales to show up. "Goddesses don't cry when something they don't like, or don't get their way. She doesn't have the power of one," she continued to scoff at me. I was shaking with rage, I looked at Horus and he smiled. I took that as encouragement, that was when I heard him in my head. I looked at him.

Babe, I never meant to hurt you. You should not take shit from her either, but I need to tell you something.


I asked Mary for someone to love me, that would be a goddess, and she said that she was already ahead of me. That was after I met My Little Wolf.

I hardened my heart, I turned from him to face Bast. She flinched from the look on my face. I breathed in, the ground vibrated and where I walked it bursted into flames. I walked circles around her so she couldn't escape, cats are known for that.

"Not a Goddess," I quoted. I was shaking, from the dragon wanting her death. 

"That is right, and how do you think Geb would feel with you lighting him up?" she said with a smirk which caused me to raise the temperature of the fire. I breathed in and the ground vibrated more this time she fell. Horus must have seen something snap inside, for he walked forward despite the shaking world. He grabbed my shoulder and looked in my eyes.

"Little Wolf, she knows better and I need to tell you something about your true heritage," I looked at him.

"Kiss me again, if James says it is ok," I said.

"We are one, so there is no we, no James, and no Horus, but you can call me either. Whatever floats your boat, Little Wolf," he said with a smile. He leaned down but I sent a small sentence in his head.

Don't hold back.

He paused, but then he picked me up and pushed me against a tree. He frenched me while he tortured me, by rubbing his hard on against my clit. Everything inside me was yelling he is mine, everything about him. When he was going to pull away, I pulled him closer.

"Don't you dare leave me alone, Horus. I didn't think I could love anyone except for James..." he went to look away. I gently made him looked at me in the eyes. "But for a change, I am glad someone proved me wrong. I love you, and I love James. Since I left you many years ago Uncle Falc," he smiled. "I have dreamt about you," he gasped.

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