Blood Fusion War

The reincarnated Angelexis is back, and stronger as ever. She is a goddess, and now she has to face Harold and protect the family she started before she died and came back. They may not be blood, but no one touches a mother's children


1. Prologue


My name is Daisy Danielle Diamond Lorock. I have a story to tell, one that is long, drawn out, and a little confusing. My story is a long one, but I think it is worth the time, I think. My parents’ names are Danielle Lorock, and Thoran Lorock. What makes my folks different from my friends’ folks, and what makes me different is… My dad is an elf and my mother is a werewolf.

Which makes me a mix, which also is aggravating for all those myths on full moon, silver bullets, and fire, is a bunch of bull poopie!!!! Pardon my language; my mother has taught me better. Yeah when only one of your parents is a werewolf you turn first full moon, but when both of them are werewolves you turn whenever they turn. Most of us are allergic to silver but it doesn’t kill us, and isn’t fire lethal to just about everyone. When I say just about I know some people like that, some of my dragonshifter friends who are born in fire and it doesn’t harm them at all.

So if you believe all those stupid, rebuses, and idiotic myths just close this book now, and walk away. If you are ready to be open minded, and are willing to

see the truth or just believe this is fiction, just keep on reading. For I envy you, for I have to live this life the one I am about to tell you. If any of this stuff sounds familiar or déjà vu keep reading for this story may involve you. If it does your life may be in grave danger. So now I introduce you to the life of Daisy Lorock, in Blood Fusion War.


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