Blood Fusion War

The reincarnated Angelexis is back, and stronger as ever. She is a goddess, and now she has to face Harold and protect the family she started before she died and came back. They may not be blood, but no one touches a mother's children


11. I change the world

              Then I jumped out of bed took a look around. I was safe in my dorm, with Amanda in the bed next to me. "You are too jumpy Danielle," I scolded myself. I rolled over, and thought over what I had dreamt. I closed my eyes hoping that sleep would come. I didn't, that is upsetting, so I just relaxed, closed my eyes, and counted sheep literally. That got me to sleep and for a change I was chasing sheep, for some reason I could never catch them and when I did. They had the faces of Mum and Da, that made me stop and then they laughed and ran off. That was the way it was all night, then the alarm went off, to get up for school. Amanda got up, shut it off, and turned the light on and I hissed, and covered my head.

"Get up sleepy head," she ordered and then I remembered Alicia. What happened to Alicia? Oh well, I have school to get to and deal with the consequence with not leaving town.

"I'm up, I'm up," then she left. I got up and I screamed. For I looked into the mirror, and I could see the teeth marks on my neck. Those wasn't there yesterday, what does this mean?

"Daisy are you ok?" she came running. I turned away from the mirror, and faced her .

"Nothing just scared myself, that's all," she looked doubtful. "I am ok, alright I am just not ready for school today," I comforted her. She believed that and then she left to make breakfast. I turned to the closet, and I grabbed a tank top, and my black, pleated skirt, my knee high leather boots. I went back to the mirror and the marks was gone, so I sat down and started to put on my gothic make up on. Then Amanda walked in and she looked me up and down, and she smiled. "What?" I asked scared that I may have a pimple somewhere.

" Nothing I think that looks better on you than the pink," she said to me. I jumped.

"Really?" I asked I couldn't believe it. Monsters was always said that was make some pretty cool Goths but I never believed it. Wow! I never thought it, so I looked at the mirror and I could actually see a trend coming on. I have to go the store soon, to get more clothes in black.

Then I got up and went to the kitchen and got me a bowl of Co Co La, and a big glass of green pop. I went to get my bag, and I went to go to my first hour class, which was Spells and Charms, my first class that I share with James. When I walked in, I saw him, front and center and he saw me. His jaw clenched, and he looked in front of him instead at me. My heart kicked up a pace when I saw the hatred in his eyes. He looked at me and I looked away for I didn't want him to see the tears in my eyes. Especially after the prophesy that I spoke last night and I sat down next to him in my assigned seat. I got out a piece of paper and started writing a note to him.

I have something I have to tell you James, it is important.

Then I handed it to him and he got out a pen, he started to write something down in return.

What could be more important than your studies, Goddess? He wrote with a sneer and I did everything in my power not to cry.

I spoke a prophesy about us and I think you should know about it. Even though you made your decision about leaving me to fate with Harold but you should know what it is. I gave it back to him. He frowned as he read the paper.

I made my decision and what could a prophesy change that? I kicked you out of my life and warned you not to come back to town, didn't I? He gave me the paper and I realized also how early I was, no one was in the room yet except for me and him. I gulped as I read his threat.

The fact that it has to do with my vision, and I never left town I stayed in town. You don't scare me James, Will, you will never scare me. Not like you used to, in my past life, Dragonshifter. I gave it to him, and I could see humor flash in his eyes, but it disappeared before I could register it.

So I don't scare you, I want you to tell me this vision and if I think you have the right to live after disobeying me. I will make you leave, myself. After of course I give you a reason to be scared. He gave me the paper, and I sneered to it. He saw that and he growled at the fact I didn't believe him.

You won't hurt me James Slater Dragonshifter. Well back to business here is the prophesy:

You fall for the shifter

Curse the shifter

You and the shifter breathe your last

He will breathe his last 10 minutes past

You are reborn, so is he

You are his enemy

He is yours

He will hurt you in the only way possible


Will turn you into what you fear

Turn away from what you awaken

Leave you hurt and defenseless

He will safe you

You will never be the same

In his eyes you are his life

But in yours

You are nothing but a wife

Carrying what is both of your lives

In the end

Eight months past

He goes missing for you

You find him

Too late

He has saved you

From what you deserve

He has done his purpose

This life as a father

Is a life he is proud of

Here it is judge it as you see fit, I think it may change your mind on things. Then I gave it back to him.

You was right about one thing... Then he gave me it.

What would that be Sherlock? That you changed your mind? I gave it back to him.

I will turn you into what you fear, and that is what I am saying. I may not be able to hurt you but I can make you into what you fear. I will never be able to hurt you after all the hard earned effort on my part to keep you alive from my family. He gave me it.

What do I fear then? You can't do anything without hurting me, for you have my fragile heart in your hands. Then I gave it to him, and instead of him writing back, he threw it away. He walked to me, and lifted me out of the desk I was sitting at. He was so close I could see every silver fleck in his baby Blues.

"I can turn you into a vampire, and blood thirsty demon," I looked at him, I could see the regret in his eyes for what he was about to do.

"James this is not what I fear, this is what I want so I can be with you forever, and I will not the last of my kind anymore, I want this," I saw determination in his eyes. I prayed that he won't change his mind.

"Daisy," he said my name with reverence. "This is not a life I would want for anyone, least of all my soul-mate, but if you want it then I will do it," I lied to him so he would. Yeah I am scare to become a vampire, but I will never let him know. I want to be a vampire so he will never be able to get rid of me and I will not be the last of my kind. Then kids started to come and he looked at with humor. He mentally said with a smile and I knew that we will be ok.

Looks like we will do this later, Goddess.

I laugh, looks like we will. What time do you want me to come over?

Well being the fact I brought Mum and Da back from the abise. We will have to do it after class, if that is not a problem.

As long as I will be able to finish my classes today I can't miss another day, without an excuse.

Well I can always say you came to my house for tutoring and you got sick, and it will feel like you got sick.

Alright as long as they will believe you.

They will.

"Miss. Lorock what is the answer to what is on the board?" I looked at the board and it was a simple vanishing spell.

"Well Mrs. Dragon the answer is simple you ground up dragon scales, pour wolf blood, and slice up some Death rose extract. Then you have a fire going and you put into the fire while saying a chant." she looked at me surprised.

"How do you know this I was just asking as a pretest question to see what you know?" I gulped. Now I am in the dog house, Mary didn't want know one to know about me being her incarnate. When it comes to spells and ingredients, it is instinct. Well I guess the cat is out of the bag.

What should I tell her?

I don't know that is up to you, Goddess.

You are not helping matters you know that...

I know but hey I am supposed to torture you it is in the job description.

I am going to tell them but I don't know how they are going to react. Mary is their goddess if someone else takes her place...

They may not kill you.

We know them better than anyone, they will try to kill me. But they will want to test me first. It is alright, ok, I will be just fine.

I looked at him, he looked torn. I took his hand, and I nodded. The teacher saw that, and she walked over to us. "Is there something we," she gestured to the class. "Should know about," I swallowed and looked at her. One look in her eyes and I know everything about her, her name, her mate, her past, and worse of all her future.

"I am Daisy Danielle Diamond Lorock, and James is my soon to husband. I am Mary incarnate," she gasped. I held out my hand, "Before you even think about killing me. I can prove that I am her reincarnated being," I stood up and turned around so she would see my back and I raised the back of my shirt up so she would see my birthmark.


She gasped, "You could had anyone tattoo that upon your skin, Liar," she yelled.

"Ok then if you don't believe me when I show you something physical, I will do something that only Mary would be able to do. Are you all know about the gift that Mary has where she can look in the eyes of anyone to know their name, past, future, and her mates' past and future," everyone nodded.

"Of course we would know that Liar, what is your point," and James stood up and walked towards her.

"Do not call her a liar, for she is telling the truth. I know for she was her host in her past life," he explained.

"JAMES! They do not need to know that," I exclaimed.

"Wait, you have a past life?" Mrs. Dragon asked me. I looked down and answered her honestly.

"Yes, I am an Old Soul, when my body dies my soul is entered into a new body and I keep all my memories," I explained. She gasped and I could on guess that I only had a few more minutes before she killed me. "You Linda Christine Dragon, you don't have a mate yet though you have been married to a vampire that used you for a meal, you are of royal Indian blood, you was gathering flowers for your sister's wedding and the vampire found you and you fell in love with him and you was his Luna Pusha. Your mate will end up finding you at the end of this year and he is... Oh my Gods and Goddesses," then I felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked to see who it was. It was James's hand, and he was comforting me, telling me what he couldn't say mentally or out loud for he didn't know how to say it. He supported me, he loved me more then his own life, for a change I felt safe.

"What?" Linda Dragon said breathlessly.

"Nothing just surprised is all," I said comforting her as much as I could given the information that I found out.

What is it, Love? I shook my head.

You will understand when I finish telling her about her mate.

"Your mate is a werewolf, not those mindless beasts, but the same kind of werewolf that I am," and I felt him tense next to me.

Is it someone that you know?

Yes and who I thought was dead.


My father, the one I thought I killed when I was three years old.

I am so sorry Love do you want to finish? I bet I can persuade her to

believe you.

No I do want to finish for if we use trickery we will be no better than the humans at our door.

Ok Love but the way you said that it makes me think that you are more vampire that you let me know.

Way to go you figured it out finally the fact I haven't had a blood dinner in a long time I forgot what blood tastes like. Better than this human food.

"Hello Mary I am sorry to interrupt, but what to do you mean that you are a werewolf too?" Linda asked. Then Amanda burst into the room and yelled, "Daisy run some guy is here asking for you and he has a dragon..." and she didn't finish for she had a knife plunge into her stomach.

"AMANDA!!!!" I could feel the fury that I have been bottled up start to stir. He killed my best friend, I am going to kill Harold once for all, if it is the last thing I am going to do. "Mrs. Dragon sound the alarm tell everyone to get to the shelter and lock the door, James go with her and help them move," I was walking to the hallway and every step I took the floor melted.

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