Blood Fusion War

The reincarnated Angelexis is back, and stronger as ever. She is a goddess, and now she has to face Harold and protect the family she started before she died and came back. They may not be blood, but no one touches a mother's children


8. I am the reason for my pain, My happiness is short lived

       When I woke up I was in his coffin right next to him. I rolled over to look at his face. He was asleep, he worries way too much about my safety. He was very tired last night. As I watched him sleep, he started to wake up. When he opened his eyes they went wide. Like he was surprised to find me in his coffin, but I know what the surprise was about last time I was in his coffin I freaked out. This time I didn't, I was very calm. He looked me up and down, and repaid the favor. My heart skipped a beat when I saw his package once again, I don't think I will ever get used to how big he is. I guess in the middle of the night he got to hot, thanks to my body heat. With surprise in his eye, that was when he looked at me, his eyes hesitated on my boobs. I took his hand and put them on my boobs and nodded to him. He started to lick and nuzzles them. Until we got startled by someone banging on the coffin lid. 

"Daisy, get your ass out of there. You are late for school," then I heard the heels of his sister.

"Sorry Amanda, I am not coming out, I am busy," I said with a smile. James went back to licking me.

"Sorry James I couldn't keep her at the door," Sam said interrupting whatever Amanda was fixing to say. James smiled at the fact that his vamp sis couldn't control a mere human.

"James, how am I going to go out there? I am naked, I have no clothes," I asked him in a whisper against his mouth. He was kissing me like there was no tomorrow, and I relished every peaceful moment of it.

"Amanda, lets, let them have the chance to get out of the coffin, before you kill her, okay?" Sam asked. In a kind, soothing, and comforting voice.

"Okay, but you are coming to school, Danielle," then she walked away.

"Daisy, you owe me, got it," Sam declared.

"Got it Samantha," I replied tersely. I looked back to James, and as we listened to Sam's heels fading away, I told him. "I am not going back to school," I paused when he looked at me.

"Why?" he asked suddenly braced for hurtful impact.

"I learned what I needed to know, and I found you Will," before I realized it came out of my mouth. We both gasped, for we fell into my memory.

"Where are we?" he asked. I could see he was scared, we was at the last day of my past life.

"We are here, in my head in a flashback. Of my final day of my past life," I explained. "Just watch, oh by the way that is you in my past life. Just watch and it will make sense," then we watched.


I went to the attorney’s office; I went to write my will. When I opened the door I could smell freshly printed papers, and the tension in the air. I went to sign in at the front desk. Then after I signed in I went to sit down. I picked up a book and started reading it.

“Angelexis,” the lady called when it was my turn. I got up and went into the office.

“Angelexis what can I do for you today?” the attorney asked.

“Sir, what is your name?” I asked him.

“The name is Mark, Mark Norton,” he said.

“Well Mark, I need to write my will today,” I explained.

“Alright, who are you giving your house to?” he asked.

“Well Mark, I have two houses. The one in the tree is to go to my daughter,

Christine. The other one is to go to my fiancé William.” I told him, and then I waited for the next question.

“Who are you going to give you money to, if you have any?” he asked.

“I am going to give half of my money to my son, Timothy, and the other half to Will,” I told him as I listened to his pen scratch the paper.

“Do you have any businesses that you own?” he asked.

“Yes, funny that you ask that I almost forgot about it. In L.A there is a place called Find the one you’re looking for. That also is to go to Will,” I said. Then Mark gave me the will and a protective slip for it.

“Keep it safe, and when you know it is time, put it where whoever lives with you will be able to find it,” I nodded. Told him thank you and walked away. I caught a bus back to Anderson, to the hotel. I opened the door, thank the goddess, Will is asleep. I only had enough time to write a note, and to hide the will.

Then I heard the bed sigh a release of its burden of Will’s weight. Then he was running his hand through my hair. Then I don’t remember how but we were on the bed. He was cherishing my legs and he was making love to me as if it was our last time to. For me in this life it was, but I shed my human skin away with a growl. I was neither human, nor Angelexis. I am the wolf of my dreams.

After I died in our love making, he laid beside me and tried to wake me up. I started to cry, at the pain I caused him. Then he screamed a bloodcurdling scream. I guess I unburied his memories for this one isn't mine. He ran to the kitchen , grabbed a knife and stabbed himself to death. He died not 10 minutes after I died. After he died two lights a dark maroon ball of light came from me, and my country boy was the color of his dragon scales, bright blue. They rose from our bodies and in that moment someone came in to see what the screaming was all about. He came in just in time to see our spirits dancing around each other than we faded away. We was brought back to the present by a yelling.


"James, Danielle are you coming out sometime today or are you two skipping," I couldn't tell who it was for, or who it was. Their voice was so high it was making my ears bleed literally. James covered me up, and he slipped his shorts back on and lifted the lid... It was Amanda screaming.

"James," I said in a whisper which I couldn't hear. He looked at me and his nostrils flared. Just in time Sam came in.

"James, what did you do?" Samantha asked in horror.

"I didn't do anything, her ears started bleeding when this intruder started screaming like a fucking banshee," he was yelling, but it sounded very muffled. For I had blood in my ears, and if he is cussing he is very angry.

"I am not a banshee," Amanda argued back.

"Well it was your voice at the octave that it was it was equal to a banshee's scream. Try to prove me wrong," he challenged. She left the room in a huff. "Sam, I need to ask you something? It will be hard but not as hard or painful as it will be for me. Can you help her clean up the blood? I am so sorry that I can't do it, there is a lot," he explained. I could hear barely the silent sobs.

"James, it is nothing wrong I understand, I will do it for you anytime all you have to do is say something," he had to leave the room. While Samantha helped me clean up in the marble bathroom of his. I could hear again after we was done, that was a blessing.

"When will James come back?" I asked, getting anxious.

"Well he will be back in here, when I get you some clothes to wear. Just don't shift anytime soon," she said comforting.

"Samantha I am sorry about what happened to your parents. It is all my fault," she turned me to look at her.

"Nonsense you didn't chose to be my brother's soul-mate. No one can chose their soul-mates," she said flustered. She gave me a identical outfit that I left the dorm in, the one I wore over here last night. Wow so much happened last night it is hard to believe. I wish that Sam was right, but she's not.

I did chose him. I remember everything to the closest detail.


     I also saw that he meant me no threat so slowly I lowered my walls to my mind. He entered my mind and he was curious.

You saw your old lover did you not? He asked mentally and I whined.

Yes I saw him, how is it possible? I poisoned him, how can he be here? I started pacing, I looked at him and I had a confused look on his face.

Yes, you poisoned him. The outcome was you took away his years of dragonshifting. He confirmed. As I was pacing, his head was following and watching me.

Is there a way to cure him and give them back to him? I stopped pacing to look at him as I asked.

Yes, but there is only one way to do it.

What is it? I still barked and growled at him.

He has to become your soul-mate. Then he looked at Harold. I followed his eyes, and looked to at my son.

How do I accomplish this feat, I mean I already have on and have tried to sever our link.

You have to be his true lover to him, but the only way is to sacrifice all your secrets to him to be his soul-mate. I looked at Timothy, and then to Harold.

What about my son? What will happen to him? I started to shake that will mean, that he would have to be taken care by Harold. What a coincident that it would have to end like this.

Harold has to take him, you can’t have any people from other lives interfering with you and Will except me for I’m a god. I could see that he was disappointed in my choice of guy. I mean he was upset that I was leaving his son for a guy who transforms into a dragon.

You know your scales. He nodded. If I don’t do this it will be carried with me and I would never forgive myself and Ammet would devour my heart.

He nodded and walked away. Then with a flick of my tail, I told Harold that I wanted some alone time. He followed the guard while I went for a walk. I stopped by my favorite tree, but it was dangerous for me when I was a child, I fell out of it.

I turned human and I sat at the base of the tree. I just put my face into my hands and I just cried. I usually notice someone who walks forward, but I didn’t know till he sat down beside me. He tried to put his arm around me, but by then I was fully aware. I jumped up and started to shimmer, but he put his hands up in surrender.

“I thought I would find you here, after all you hide in trees like a scared squirrel,” Will said coldly. Then I walked towards him slowly throwing him into the tree. When he gets up I throw him back into him. Then when I reached him I grabbed him by the throat and pushed him against the tree. He had the look of fear in his eyes.

“You better be scared of me. I’m not exactly stable, you drove me crazy. You hurt me, you betrayed my trust,” I screamed to him. I was crying and all he did was look at me.

“What happened to you,” he asked suddenly still as stone.

“I was changed to a vampire by a godly, I’m a goddess, and I control the

elements… As you already know I’m the strongest telepath of the world, and then I turned myself human. Well part, I drank the blood of a wolf which gave me the power to turn into my old wolf form,” I told him.

“That’s not what I mean,” he said. Then he reached up to my face and rubbed my cheek. “You were never this ferocious,” he said. I leaned into his hand and his face had a look of sadness on his face. “What happened to us Angelexis?” he asked. I had the inability to speak so I thought my answer, sense he could hear my thoughts. I clung to my fears and my secrets. I was used to be afraid, I’m not anymore. Then I let go of him and I leaned forward on my tip-toes. I was kissing him, and then he pulled me closer. Then I heard a twig break, and then I felt a burn in my shoulder. As I was passing out I heard Will scream, and then it felt as if someone was ripping my shoulder off. Then my vision flickered and then I heard arguing then I finally passed out. When I woke up, I tried to turn into my wolf form… I couldn’t. Then I knew what happened, Alicia caught me and Will. She got mad and she attacked. It was midnight, Harold and Timothy would be asleep. I got off the ground, started walking and then I heard a leaf crinkle. Then

I turned and there was Will. He was only wearing a pair of denim shorts.

“Lexis, I’m so sorry, Alicia thinks we’re one, I don’t think so. Even if I think we should be, but you already have a mate,” then he walked forward. I grimaced, he was bleeding. I took a step back, he took a step forward. I went to take another step back, but I was backed into a tree.

        He walked forward and then he put his hand on my neck. “I’ve made some mistakes, the fact that I can’t shift is one of my many punishments,” I went to look away from him but his hand held my face firmly, but not too strong. “Another way that I’m being punished is that I miss you and you’ve been blessed by your witch goddess. I’m going to make your pain better, and then we’ll leave just the two of us,” then he started to kiss me. Then the scent of his blood came to me and I followed it to his chest for that was where he was bleeding at. My mouth went to the blood and my tongue tasted the blood. It was better than Randal’s blood; it was sweetest blood I’ve ever tasted. Then I felt my head what felt like it was splitting open. Then I felt what was like my head was reforming. My strength came back and I could hear Harold was screaming.

“Time to go,” I grabbed Will’s hand and we ran out the gates into the night.


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