Blood Fusion War

The reincarnated Angelexis is back, and stronger as ever. She is a goddess, and now she has to face Harold and protect the family she started before she died and came back. They may not be blood, but no one touches a mother's children


37. I am gone

With me saying that he paled, and now he can see that I wasn't kidding.

"Please, no please," he begged and that made me happy. I sent him another thought. 

You are protecting the one that holds all of us as slaves!

"He left me no choice, it was either that or he takes my step-daughter whom is no relation to either of you as his bride, I don't want that," I rose to the air and left. While I was flying Horus was talking nonstop, but as I was flying I dozed off and we dropped. I was awoken by the screams, I righted us, but kept flying. Then I actually heard Horus. 

"My Lovely dragon, you neet to land, when was the last time you've slept?" he asked and Bri answered.

"She hasn't slept in a week, just flying, landing, flying and landing, that is it," she stated angrily. I growled and tossed my head around. If she had my nightmares she wouldn't want to sleep either.

"Bri cut it out! Okay? She is doing what most people, and gods wouldn't do so cut her some slack," that was when I saw my home... In the mountains, the Himalayan Mountains. Horus saw it, and gasped. "I remember, Baby lets land there okay," I barely nodded. As I started to descend something sliced through my wing membrane. I cried out, Horus shifted and looked at my wing which was bleeding, he cried out in anger. I was trying my best to keep them safe, so when I hit the ground, I folded my body, which broke to keep my dragon weight from crushing Anubis and Bri, who was safely on my back while I was broken. Horus landed and cried out for he felt my pain. No one, in the world, not even a god could understand how I can manage with the pain that would cripple Knights. When they got off of me I shifted, which just increased the pain, and brought Horus to his knees, and he cried out with me. Anubis looked at us, but he didn't know what to do, that was when I heard him, the man I need dead, Harold.

"My oh my, look what the cat dragged in..." I stood up, every move I make just increases the pain. I round my teeth to keep from crying out, but Horus did. I walked over to Horus, and stood in front of him, and he never stopped screaming.

"You're not taking him!!!" I cried. He looked at me, then to him, and shook his head.. I mumbled a spell which hid Bri and Anubis from him, it drained some of my strength, but it was need be. As I watched Harold, I was taking the pain that Horus was feeling inside of me, so he wouldn't have to die with me. Finally he stopped screaming but I was doing my damnest not to, Horus stood up, he knew what I did, he could also see it in my eyes.


I couldn't answer him, I tensed up as Harold sauntered forward. To take what was mine, to take my only reason to live. I started to shake, not from pain, oh no, I shook... from rage.

"Anubis, grab Horus and get him away from here as fast as you can. I'll find you guys, I promise," I said, though I had no intention on keeping that promise. Horus wouldn't move. "HORUS, DO AS I SAY NOW!!!!" I screamed. He jumped out of his shock.

"I am not going anywhere. I am going to stay by your side, Mary gave you the life of a goddess, I'm not going to abandon my immortal mate," that is when a shock went through me and my head flipped back, for me to as if to look at the sky. I begun to rise, but I wasn't aware of anything, I started to glow, and I did until I was a burning inferno. I looked below me, at Harold. I spoke with the voices of the thousands of souls that have died at Harold's hands and rath.

"We, are the Fallen's strength, we, are the one's courage, we shall be your demise," he started to back up, but he wasn't the only one, Horus was backing up to Anubis and Bri. That hurt but at least they're safe. I felt a sharp pain in my back, I looked beautiful, black wings. THe fallen, huh, guess I am not naturally Egyptian, but an angel. Wow, I am an abomination. I glided down in front of Harold, and grabbed him by the throat. I smiled, then I smelled him and laughed; I looked down... Sure enough, yellow snow, fresh. My laughter was joined my Horus and Anubis, we was laughing at Harold.

"So much for the scary Harold," Horus said. After that, I had a surge of regret, I looked at Horus, then I grabbed Harold and went inferno. He was screaming, we was burning together. Horus was calling me I just closed my eyes and cried. I sent him one thought, one that meant everything to me. 

I am sorry. I love you two, James and Horus. I saved you... Good-bye my love.

Then I was ash

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