Blood Fusion War

The reincarnated Angelexis is back, and stronger as ever. She is a goddess, and now she has to face Harold and protect the family she started before she died and came back. They may not be blood, but no one touches a mother's children


26. He joined

That was when they finally looked up. Only one of them can follow me, that is because he can fly but if he is going to fight me in this form it won't work, for I fight a combination of wolf, dragon, and goddess. He wouldn't win, he won't win. As I figured though, he started to shift, but I realized that I should have to fly faster than he shifts, so I used the advantage of already flying to my advantage. I increased the speed of my wings and he couldn't keep up. He roar out of determination,so he knows he can't keep up, then why is he trying to keep up? Then I heard the words, fuck that, no!!!! I was changing against my will, the words... was fucking Ancient Egyption, why Father?!

When I was turned human against my will, James caught me and I screamed in his ear, I hit him, I kicked, and bite him. That was when I remembered Father has no spell abilities, then who? Oh, now I know, when we landed James turned human. His ears was bleeding, good. That was when I looked at the boy who was standing with his back to me, I didn't need to see his face, to know who it was.

"Niswa Nafeer," I said as a bowed. "The Great Avenger," I remained bowed, and I spoke to him in Ancient Egyptian. 

"You may rise Shesh of Ma'at," he spoke in the same tongue. I rose up, and I looked at him. I notice why he looked familiar. 

"You are using my son as a host, from as past life, aren't you My Lord?" I asked.  He nodded, "Why him, why not anyone else," I asked. He turned to look at me. 

"Then why Shesh, are you a mere vampire, then?" I didn't understand. "You are a goddess, all that is, is a host, a container," I looked at him. "What are you looking at me like that," I cleared my throat.

"My lord, what are you talking about?" he finally looked at me, I looked at his sun and moon eyes. He was dead serious.

"You are a goddess not by body but by soul. If you wanted if you wanted to change the way you look, you could by your will, since you don't share your body with anyone else," he explained.  I nodded understanding now, he is saying I am like him. I can not die, I looked at James. This didn't make things any simpler, it just made everything even more complicated. 

"Who made this possible?" I asked. 

"Mary of course," of course, I started to pace. 

"Why did you interfer then Horus? Why did you bind me to human form? Why are you here? You have people to lead, leave me and my people alone!!!!" I screamed and put force into my words that pushed him into a tree. He looked at me shocked, he hasn't seen anything yet. "I am not Set or Isis; I am someone completely different. You may have made it where I can't shift, but that doesn't make me any less deadly. I can' make you mortal, I can cause you an eternity of pain, I can make you blind, or make everyone else forget you and then you get to say good-bye to your throne. You don't want to piss me off Horus; ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you," I turned to look away. 

"No your right, but you have not yet unlocked you full powers. If you trust me Shesh, lets talk to my mother and we will unlock your powers even more," I turned to look at him and he was bleeding on his forehead, and his eye that was oh so famous for was on the ground. His blood was the color of silver but when it hit the ground it would pebble into marbles. I went to touch one, but James stopped me.

"Don't, it is acting like mercury, which happens to be very poisonous," I once again looked at Horus.

"Why do you bleed mercury?" I asked not understanding. He shook his head and looked back at me like I was a kid. Well technically I am, now that I am like him in a way except the difference in religion. He is also a kid too so I stared back like a kid that is a rebel and a fighter. He tilted his head back , and bellowed a laugh. When he stopped, he looked at James, and he started to speak. 

" You have a fighter on your hands, Vampire," but Horus didn't speak English, he can, but he just won't. So I had to translate, to my great embarrassment. James laughed too, but he offered something, I wouldn't have allowed if I had known what he was thinking. 

"You like her right?" he asked and Horus nodded. "Well bind with me and help me protect her, you have the powers and she thinks of nothing except duty. You on the other hand manages to slip pass her guard," Horus looked at James like are you mad. Then they both looked at me, and I'll be damned Horus spoke English. 

"You know, Vampire, now that you offered I am going to have to say... yes," I screamed. THe looked at me, but it was too late as they bound together, another god showed up. That was when I sensed the feline goddess, thinks she is being sneaky. Right when she pounced I yanked her out of the air, and slammed her into the ground.

"Hello Pussy Cat," she screamed as she clawed my face. "Goddess you mind as well stop, I am a vampire, shifter, goddess, and witch. You can't hurt me," as I held the Cat Goddess on the ground, pinning her with my weight. Then James looked at me with two different eyes, an eye of orange and and eye of moonlight white or silver. He spoke with two voices that made one, he is the one for Horus. 

"Bast, why did you have to put your whiskers in our business," Horus/James asked Bast.

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