Blood Fusion War

The reincarnated Angelexis is back, and stronger as ever. She is a goddess, and now she has to face Harold and protect the family she started before she died and came back. They may not be blood, but no one touches a mother's children


12. Fury

"Daisy I am not going to leave you," bless his heart he grabbed my shoulder despite the fact I was a burning inferno. He yelled as his hand got burnt.

"James it is Harold out there and he killed Amanda and so I deserve to kill him NOW. He has haunted my sleep and I have been surprised everyday when I wake up, that he hasn't killed me. I am surprise that I get to wake up in the morning so I am going to kill him and be free," and I walked away and I was crying silently from the rage. Then I saw him and he was smiling, and when he saw me that smile faltered.

"You are not Angelexis. I want Angelexis, and no one else," he commanded. "You are that Egyptian Bitch that I saved. I want Angelexis the vampire." Wow he doesn't even know, I laughed.

"You are so overconfident as usual Harold," I laughed again. "Boy you are so stupid," I told him and I could see that he didn't like that. "Do you think that she might have died since you last saw her, and what you are tracking is her in another form. Talk to Josh and ask him where this Angelexis is at," I told him. There was a silence but brief.

"Oh my God, Angel you was in front of me the whole time, I can't believe it. You are not a host though, you are not a vampire, " then James finally caught up to me and shifted into his saber toothed tiger, he is cute when he does that. He stood next to me and he looked at the dragon then at Harold, trying to understand what happened to his brother.

"Josh can you shift so I can talk to you too please?"

"Who is this?" he gestured to James. "Josh asks why should he, and his name is now Rath. " I reached down and I ran my hand through James's fur.

"This is my soul-mate, and Rath this is your brother, he died and it appears everyone I know is an Old Soul, huh. I didn't realize that till now huh James," James barked a laugh.

"Why is he guarding you?" he asked. Wow he really dumped down in the past year I haven't seen him.

"Well if you knew that your soul-mate's angry ex-husband was going to kill her you would be protective too," I said. I laughed and the fire around me grew. Harold looked around and he realized while we have been talking a fire was a ring grew around us. Then only way we could get out is by flying and he knew I would never let him leave without causing him pain.

"You have grown stronger, really strong. I think I shouldn't have let you come to this stupid school, it has made you too strong," I looked at James and he looked at me and we shared a thought.

If we are stronger let us kill him now.

What about the prophesy?

Maybe he will end up coming back.

Do we have to kill Rath?

No James we don't have to.

"Rath can you shift so we can talk to you," and he shifted. He was tall, long tan hair, and he wasn't really built. I knew that his strength was in his smarts. Oh my god he looks like James except James is built. I guess James realized that and he jumped back in surprise.

"So ma'me what is your name?" Rath asked me.

"My name is Daisy Danielle Diamond Lorock," then it was his turn to jump.

"Do you know about the shifter prophesy that applies to you?"

"No I don't but I heard it being mentioned by someone we know. Sorry Baby," I nodded my head to James. "Will you tell me?"

"Of course, here it goes. Everyone needs to know their future.

When the lights are red

The Ambassador of the shifters

Reveals the future

Brings the chosen one home

Teacher's mate talks to his family

Scares that she is

Her unborn child is part of his demise

The king of Shifter, which he enslaves and anything supernatural

Kills friend of the Chosen

Her fury is legendary

Everything is red and hot

She is Goddess of two cultures

She is the most powerful in the world

She is the worlds' guardian

When the oath is complete she will be the Queen of everything alive"

"Holy crap!" Harold looked at Rath, he must have understood the part of it where he is in and he is trying to figure out a way of killing me, James, and Rath. I understood one thing my child will live so will her father, and uncle. The three of us turned to Harold and my fury returned; it scared me, and I could feel how close I was to losing control. I could turn all of us to ashes, by losing control. I taping into that fury, and the flames was rising, flames was started to spin in a whirl wind. Harold had the look of fear in his eyes, and then I heard something that I never heard before. It was roaring but none of the others had a reaction from listening to it. Then I felt a pull and I gave in and I felt what was like a pulling of my muscles, like when I would go to shift in to my wolf form, but this felt so bigger. I looked at my hands and they were purple with what looked like fish scales but they was extremely dry. I looked at Rath and he back away and said something to James and he backed away from me. Then I felt a sharp pain in the middle of my shoulder blades, then I fell to the ground and I started to shift and everyone backed away from me. I screamed and it turned into a guttural roar. I finished shifting and I looked in the windows of the school; I jumped back in fear and looked over my shoulder. I shifted into a six story tall dragon. I turned towards to Harold, and since I would end up breathing fire if I opened my snout or mouth. I used my mind.

Do you really want to fight me now that I found my inner dragon power?

"No I don't, but I can't leave Timothy without telling him something about his mother?" he explained and I could see the fire, in his eyes of vengeance. That is when I understood that he was lying. Timothy was our son in my past life, and that ticked me off that he would use Timothy to get me not to kill him! The fire reacted to my fury and it rose and closed in on Harold.

NEVER, USE HIM TO KEEP ME FROM KILLING YOU!!!!! He jumped back from me startling him and my unexpected rise in rage.

"Ok you saw through my lie, congratulations. You have gotten better at not letting down your guard, your defenses. I am proud of you," he bowed to me and I was tempted to bite his head off, but I might get some sick disease.

Just shut up, I am debating whether or not to kill you and live in peace without you. The way my luck will go is that you are also an Old Soul. Then I felt something climbing onto my back and I started to lift off to get them off. Then they yelled.

"Danielle, calm down it is James," then I settled down. Then I turned my attention to Harold, he looked at us and I could see that he was planning to make a plan. It had to do with hurting James.

James get behind me now.


Do you trust me?

Yes, why wouldn't I?

Harold is planning something and he knows how I am. I am not going to let you get hurt, so grab your brother and get behind me, understand?

Yes, but promise me that you are not going to do anything that you will regret.

Right now I don't know how I shifted in to this form, but I don't know how to shift back. I am not going to let him hurt you, I will do whatever in my power to protect you and your brother. Now do what I say!

Alright I understand, but I don't want to lose you or our child. That is what I am meaning.

I don't know what will happen but I will make sure that neither you are hurt. He did what I told him, Rath didn't like it, but he applied. For that I appreciate, for that will not give James a reason not to listen.

"What is this all about?" and I realized that he wasn't talking to me this time, but to Rath.

"I am going to help her free the shifters, and James is my brother and I will help him however I can. I will not help  The king of Shifter, which he enslaves and anything supernatural. I will help The Chosen One, and if the final battle is here then I will listen to her, and her mate," that made Harold's jaw clench.

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