Blood Fusion War

The reincarnated Angelexis is back, and stronger as ever. She is a goddess, and now she has to face Harold and protect the family she started before she died and came back. They may not be blood, but no one touches a mother's children


40. Fear

--Warning Sexual Content--


I walked forward into the living room, Horus staying on the porch. "Don't be shy, come in," I said as I was on the way to the kitchen. He cam in, I got me an apple and went to the bedroom. I grabbed my shorts and my tank-top; which I put on. I was sitting on the foot of the bed when he found me. "Horus come here," he walked towards me and I scooted farther up on the bed. "Lay beside me," he looked at me. He did I said, he growled when I scooted closer to him. "Horus, you are now a vampire, you can't deny the thirst," he went to roll away from me, but I hooked his waist with my leg. "I can make it easier for you if you let me..." he looked at me.

He rolled on top, I took my shorts off. He took the sheets and tied me to the bed, by my wrists and ankles. I looked at him, and for the first time in this life I had my worse taste of fear. As tuned to me as he was he looked at me, and shook his head, as he took his jeans off. 

"Diamond, I promise, I won't hurt you. Trust me," I did trust him completely. "Don't move," he commanded. Its not like I can. He crawled between my legs and went down, I screamed right when his tongue touched me. My hips was going to lift off the bed, but he grabbed them and held them in place. " I said don't move, you better listen," he smiled, and went back down. I screamed once more. He growled when my hot cream left me in a flooding climax. I was panting and so was he, he rose up my body, he rested his head in the curve of my neck, his breath hitting the back of my neck. He was against my thigh and he was so hard. I maned, that was when he finally bit me, it was his turn, he positioned himself at my entrance, he pushed nice and deep. With pleasure infused in my system I bit him and we both came. After we had our fill we stopped and fell asleep.

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