Blood Fusion War

The reincarnated Angelexis is back, and stronger as ever. She is a goddess, and now she has to face Harold and protect the family she started before she died and came back. They may not be blood, but no one touches a mother's children


3. Everything changes... Good or bad


Well I went to go mediate, and get rid of my excess anger. When I was done, I went to study the way of the gods for next week I will be offered to them and I will be able to pass my final test to become a priestess. I went back to the meditation room, to find out what my bad feeling meant. I got up and left the meditation room, for I had a bad feeling now about The American. So I went in search for him, but I couldn’t find him, but I couldn’t find him anywhere and I have been everywhere, everywhere in Egypt.

Well there was a way to find him easily, but I don’t like it… I would have to shift, and use my canine nose to find him. I didn’t resort to such drastic measures; I just headed back to the temple, and guess who was there… Come on

guess, I know you want to, well ok I guess I don’t know if you want to or not, but oh whatever. Appears he was looking for me.

“Where have you been?” he asked accusing.

“Well for your information wise guy I was looking for you,” I yelled at him. “Even though you may be my soul- mate, doesn’t mean I have to deal with the crap you pulled in my past life,” I yelled at him. In my past life I was a obeying little wife who took that kind of crab, but not in this life mister. His eyes went wide like he wasn’t expecting me to show some kind of backbone, well I got news for him, I will not let him boss me around. “I have to go now, stay here, the people around here don’t like Americans, let alone archeologists,” I turned to leave and he grabbed my arm.

When I turned back to him, I slapped him. “Don’t ever touch me!” I was mad. He let go of me stunned, “I am not Angelexis, I am Daisy Danielle Diamond Lorock, I am an Egyptian Priestess, and I will not get punked by some stupid American and I got news for you, I am not going to take this crab from

you or anyone,” and I took a step towards him, and heaven help him, he backed away in fear. Then something snapped, I was not one being, I was two. Then I took another step towards him, “I am Mary, goddess of witch craft as well as Daisy Lorock, daughter of Danielle Lorock, and Thoran Lorock, who is an Egyptian Priestess, and we will perform a spell on you if you don’t leave us ALONE!” the force of my words threw him into the farthest pillar.

This shook the temple, which crumbled down on top of us. I regained control I didn’t have a clue what happened but a voice in the back of my head said save him, or he will die. I was like if I save him so will I, and it said. I will protect you with my power just save him NOW! I launched myself at him, and I covered him with my body.

The temple fell on top of us, and buried us alive. A few weeks ago we were pronounced dead, thanks to Mary. We had a chance for a new life, one without no one to bother us. No one to pick on the Egyptian, no one to make fun of the lack of magical skills and no one to tick me off. Well Mary said that I needed to learn how to control and weld her powers, so I have to go to school

for that. There is only on school that I know that will teach me what I need to know, and one that I won’t get discriminated. That is at the Twilight of Witch Craft. When I got there I automatically made new friends, we have to teleport there and that is the way to get into the school to show magic capabilities, the common way is teleportation. So I have to practice that but the only problem I think I am going to have is being the oldest one there. It doesn’t help that from my past life of an off and on vampire I have a thirst for blood. So I have to watch my thirst, especially with all those strangers. All I have to do is bat my eyes and lure a guy out of the eyes of teachers and supper is served. I will try to not let that happen, but the key word is try. I will need all the help I can get, that is what I thought till I met James Slater. The only male out of the school who knows who I am and that is immune to my luring capabilities. He may know a little bit about that I have something to do with Mary, but if someone knows that I am the host of Mary. OMG crab is going to hit the fan.

I tried to stay true to Harold. For James was sweet, kind, and don’t have a care in the world. He has asked me more than once to bed with him but I don’t

for Harold. Harold had saved me from being sacrificed, he took me in, from Egypt, my home. Now all he asks is for me to be the soul-mate he wants, but I got news for him once again.

I am not going to be the, oh yes husband, okay husband, I am not going to deal with that bullpoopie. I am an independent woman, not a maid. I am an Egyptian Priestess, I am also the host of Mary. That means I have an uncanny ability for magic, for Mary is the goddess of witch craft and magic. I am lucky, she told me that she has had only one other host, but she won’t tell me whom, which is irritating.

She only smiles, mentally of course, except in my dreams, and then she smiles for real. I know she it for my reaction, which I’ve been told is very funny. I may not find it funny, but at least someone is getting a kick out of my anger and irritation. I think I will take James up on his offer, but I will be very naughty. I will go to the store and get some silky underclothes.

I have sick mind, I know, but my roommate did that. Oh Chihuahua, I saw

the look he gave her, made me want a guy to look at me like that. James is 6.4, crazy black hair, always wears long sleeve shirts, and he is extremely pale. I don’t know if I want to know what is down under, if you know what I mean. [Eye brow wiggle] I know get your head out of the gutter .

Well, sorry that I got off subject with going to bed with James, so lets get back on subject. Shall we, I mean if you knew him, you would want too. If Harold expects that out of me, when I get out of here I am going to cast a permanent spell on him that will make his life a living-hell. That will affect his life every single day of it, but if only I knew what spell to use. I also have to figure how to make James my soul-mate.

I would have to ask him, but only after I knew everything about him first. Then I would ask him and if he said yes, then and only then would I bed with him. If he said yes, maybe he would know how to solve my soul-mate problem; I swear I go through more soul-mates than anyone created. I mean he is a higher classmen that I am, he is on his third out of five. I am a freshman, basically for you high schoolers.

We have the same classes, for being the host Mary, I am a fast learner. Well close to the same classes except for one, that is a gender issue. He is going through warrior training while I am more or less teaching ladies how to be priestesses. It is a gender issue which I will hopefully fix for we independent women, don't like not being able to defend ourselves. Today is the American Holiday, called Christmas, and also my birthday. James surprised me as we was changing classes .

"Mrs. Lorock, I have a couple things for you," I turned around and saw James... Looking at me.

"Oh, hi James. Was that you talking to me?"I asked. We hardly ever talk so I was kind of taken by surprised for the way his voice sounded.

"Yes it was me, mind if I walk you to your next class?" he asked. As he walked towards me, by then the hallway got quiet. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't even close to empty. Everyone was starring at us, he didn't notice, he was looking at me.

"The next two hours I have are free," I explained. All he did was smile to my nervousness, Sister Wolf was getting ready to bolt, and I was ready to give her control, but something stopped me.

"Good, as do I," he smiled and reached out to take my hand. As much as I know about him, is that the three years that he has been here, he hasn't as much as looked at a woman with the slightest look of care or lust. Yet when he looked at me it was with the deepest affection. I don't understand I am a nerd, why would the hottest guy in school want me. When he said as do I that saying is formal, yes ,but it is old and not the slightest bit modern. Is he Shakespeare or something? Just to let you know when a line is all by it self and it is in Italics it is a mental conversation.

Something of the sort.

I gasped, I guess the look of fear crept up on my face.

"You're... You're... You're..." I couldn't say it.

Please don't... I am not going to hurt you, I promise.


He stumbled back as if I hit him. I was scared stiff, vampires are mortal enemies to wolves.

Please I don't want to make a scene. I promise on my immortal life that I will not hurt you Luna Pusha. 

"Will you come with me on a date, Miss. Lorock?" he asked me. Being I was scared stiff I could only nod. He took my hand and we left that hallway and went to my room. Luna Pusha, that sound familiar, then it clicked. By the way Luna Pusha means Puffin in Icelandic. Meaning my blood calls to him, that means he lied, but he can't lie, he promised.

What is wrong, love?

He had to ask, mentally at that.


The force I put behind my words threw him across the room, on the couch.

"What are you doing here, Bloodsucker?" I asked him. As I walked towards him, I could see that he was analyzing my every movement. I could see that he saw what no one eles saw, the uncanny grace that comes from being a wolf. His face was full of confusion and I enjoyed the fact he didn't know a wolf when he saw one. Then I saw him flinch when I called him a bloodsucker I knew I hit a sore spot.

"How do you know that?" he asked in return.

"I will answer your question, when you answer mine. Never ask a question, to answer a question that is just rude," I scolded him. A sliver of humor flashed in his eyes.

"I am here to learn how to control my magic," he answered. "Now it is your turn to answer me," he said and that sliver of humor got bigger, but I could see the part of him that thirsts for my blood.

"Well only Bloodsuckers can get in my head," I answered. Then he looked at me and the humor disappeared and was replaced with suspension.

"What are you woman? No human can throw me with their mind, nor do they have a grace ever so uncanny as yours. So will you answer that one?"I gulped. He answered me it is only fair , but I hope that he don't kill me.

"I, Bloodsucker, am a wolf. One of the last, both of my parents are dead because of me, so now I am the last of my kind," I told him, half expecting him to launch himself off the couch to kill me. All he did was nod.

"Figures, my Luna Pusha is the last of her kind, what the luck," he mumbles to himself. Then he got up and walked towards me I kept backing up till I couldn't no longer. I was so scared, but not of him, just of what he was going to do.

I am not going to hurt you.

Somehow I believed him, he was so close if I took a deep breath our bodies would be touching. All I wanted was to close that little amount of space between us, but I knew better. Then it was like my prayers was answered. He picked me up and set me on his shoes and leaned down to kiss me. For a vampire he was a pretty good kisser. He started it slow, and then deepened it. We couldn't predict the way I responded.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and put my hand in his locks of curls. Then to soon he stopped and backed up to give us space. I knew the real reason for the space, my blood calls to him, us being alone as we are is dangerous, very dangerous. Then he went back to the couch, to his backpack, and pulled out two wrapped packages. The first one was heavy, when he gave it to me, I opened it. It was a book, Howling at the Moon.

"I bought this, the writer is unknown," then I laugh. "What's so funny?" he asked.

"The writer isn't unknown... I wrote this, this is my past life," I told him.

"You are an Old Soul," he said.

"I don't know what we are called. All I know is when my soul was born was the start of my past life so this is all semi- new to me," I explained. He just looked at me. "WHAT?" I asked starting wondering if there was a pimple or something.

"You just keep surprising me is all. Your next present unfortunately you won't be able to touch it, I am sorry," and then he showed me the necklace. It was silver, but it was beautiful. It was a heart made out of our names and there was rubies in the center.

"Oh James, it is beautiful, thank you, I'll never get rid of it thank you," and I hugged him. Then I let go of him because I forgot he seems so human at times. "OPPS, sorry," I apologized.

"That is an understatement. Well anyway the book is for Christmas, and the necklace is for you birthday. Happy Birthday, how old are you today?" he asked as he reached for me once again. This time I had hard time thinking.

"I...I...I am turning 20 at a minuet till midnight," I told him. I didn't mention that is when I will be a wolf and a danger to everyone near me. Then I realized my soul-mate problem wasn’t the biggest one anymore, for I am James’s Luna Pusha. We draw vampires in with our blood, like the city lights draw Puffins in. The scary trait both comparisons share is that most of all the puffins die.

Being that I am James’s, my blood is really potent thanks to Mary. My life is on the line, but I can’t stay away. So I hope James can fight what he is for my sake. We can’t stay away from each other, no longer; we are together, till death does us apart, only way, Heavens help us please.

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