Blood Fusion War

The reincarnated Angelexis is back, and stronger as ever. She is a goddess, and now she has to face Harold and protect the family she started before she died and came back. They may not be blood, but no one touches a mother's children


13. Blood Lust

"He is not her mate, I am her mate I have her son to prove that," I realized that he don't have to do anything to James. All he has to do is keep talking like that and James will leave me himself. I have to put a stop to this.

Harold I want you to leave and if you come back I will kill you. I will not give you another second chance, consider yourself warned. He smiled, and my heart skipped a beat. Why am I fighting him? I shook my head. He can get in your thoughts and implant things just as easily as you can shift into the might wolf and make a kill. He is baiting you.

"Oh I have considered myself warned, and if I have to make allegiances to kill you, I will. I know people and you know that, for example my father Anubis, your daughter Christinanna, and you son Rick II. If they know that you will be going against the King and his son, they will not recognize you, and I will not tell them in till they ill you then when they attack me I will kill them too. None of your stupid family line will remain on this earth," I growled. One thing you never do it threaten a woman's family, let alone her kids. The fire responded to my anger and the fire turned into robes and tied him up. He screamed, that made me happy, to hear his pain. Then I felt  a hand on my foreleg, I looked at the one who touched me. It was James, and he looked at me  and I could see that I needed to calm down.

James, he threatened my children, and his father.

Who is his father?

His father is a god, Anubis is the the god of death and funerals

Cool, and you need to calm down. Everything will be alright, we will stop him before he does that. Ok?

I can't trust him, I can't let him leave.

You can and will. Do you trust me?

Yes, I trust you.

Then let him go, I will transform you then we will hunt him down together.

I can't let him threaten my family and get away with it.

It will be ok, just calm down.

              As his hand was on my forearm he was rubbing calming circles. That was when Harold made his move, as I was shrinking to human form. He charged, before anyone could react, he had a knife in his hand, with it he plunged into my heart.

"Kill the motherthe chosen one, and kill the unborn child dies to, and the shifter king lives," the fire died out when he stabbed me. He shifted and ran off, and I fell. I was completely human, students and teachers came out of the shelter and ran towards us. I was going to die, I looked up and saw James crying.

"I thought vampires couldn't cry?" I asked with a smile.

"I thought I would never be a father," he said with a comeback.

"True," I nodded. I was bleeding everywhere. "Are you bothered by the blood My Love," he shook his head.

"No, for some reason it doesn't," he replied.

"James, I am dying, I am scared," I cried. He reached his arm under my legs, and knelt down. I grabbed his neck and he stood up taking me with him.

"You won't die, I am going to take you hoe, and deal with my parents later. I will complete my promise, and you will never leave my side," I was closing my eyes. "Don't you dare close your on my Daisy Danielle Diamond Slater," that made me open my eyes.


"Yeah," he blushed. "By the way will you marry me Daisy?" now is the time he asks, I nodded. "I will take care of you, do you trust me?" I nodded. I am so cold. "We are almost there My Love. Then I will get you to bed, and you can cover up. You will be warm soon My Love," he muttered, I didn't realize I said that I was cold out loud.

"I am cold, and tired James," I whispered, he swallowed, I felt it. I felt so clammy, so this is what it is like to die.

"You will not die," he said as a door opened. Then I hear running.

"What is she doing here?" some woman asked.

"She is bleeding," a man commented. I couldn't think of who would be talking to him with such authority. He was ignoring them, which sort of made me proud. 

            He didn't care about anything except me, then something awoke me from my daze. A slurping noise that would have stopped me in my tracks if I was waking myself. "She tastes good My Love, try it," that made James still. He put me down in a corner and kissed my forehead. He turned around slowly, he was pissed, and I knew if anyone were going to hurt me, they would face his wrath. I don't know who they are but I felt a sliver of pity for them, for James was mad was the last thing anyone wants. They look up and I could see the fear in their eyes, then it hits me. They are his parents, holy shit!!!! I was getting better for some reason, then I remembered. I heal quickly, and James was about to lose his temper. I stood up, I felt the heat of the change envelope me. I turned into my wolf form, walked forward in front of James separating him from his parents. I don't want trouble with them, he loves his parents, he shouldn't have to do anything about them. I was still bleeding but not as bad, I just healed enough so I wouldn't die immediately. He went to step forward, but I snapped at him, that was when he finally noticed me.

         He looked at me and where he had set me down at. He also saw the blood trail from there to here, he looked at me.

"What are you doing, Mo Ghra?" he asked. I didn't have the strenght for a mental conversation. When his parents stood up, I growled, they looked at me and their son. They went to take a step forward as well as James, I started to bark, growl and snap at all of them. "Why are you stopping me My Love?" he asked and his parents looked relieved, but they didn't relax that was when my nose started to burn again. I started to whine, and that is when things got out of control. His parents launched themselves at me, but James couldn't do anything. That was when, once again I felt my legendary Blood Lust, James knew it so he stayed out of my way. When his folks landed on me,  I lost it, I growled, barked, and bite anything that I could reach. Their screams filled that air, when I was done, pieces of them was every where. When the lust faded, I crawled to a corner and whined, cried, and licked my wounds. I didn't have  the strenght to change back to human. When he heard there was no more screaming,  he came out of his room, but when he saw what I did, he fell to his knees crying. That why I hate my form, why I hate me. You can't control the Wolves Legendary Blood Lust...


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