Blood Fusion War

The reincarnated Angelexis is back, and stronger as ever. She is a goddess, and now she has to face Harold and protect the family she started before she died and came back. They may not be blood, but no one touches a mother's children


36. Betrayal

As I was running I ran into a camp where everyone was dressed in leather, and there was wolves everywhere. That was when I saw two familiar faces, I internally groaned. 

I didn't think I would ever see you again.

Father, and Horuse approahed me in the front, Anubis and Bri from behind. That was when a little girl walked to Father and grabbed his hand; he looked a bit sheepish at me with her actions.

"Let me guess Father, half-sister," he nodded.

"Daisy, this is Taylor, Lorock of course," he said. I went to turn around, but I baecame surrounded, by my Father's men.

"Father, what is this? Let me go," as two of his men grabbed my arms.

"The Harold of your old life, and the one you plan on killing in this life, is from this clan and in fact he is your full-blooded, older, brother," I screamed, but I looked at him and smirked.

"You won't be able to hold me, or any of us," I looked at Horus. "You coming, I can't leave again," he smiled and nodded. I looked at Anubis, Horus, and Bri then addressed them all. "I'll be able to carry all of you easy, just Bri tell the guys what to do," she nodded and started to explain.

Anubis walked to me and whispered in my ear. "Randal is James, that is what I meant," I shook my head, impossible. "It is possible, the gods fixed your mistakes and their own, all of your soul-mates are one, except Harold, but they have assured me that never again will be," I nodded and looked at Father.

"Father unless you want your men hurt, tell them to back the fuck oof, or I'll hurt them and your whole village when I shift," I warned him and all he did was smile, like he thinks I am bluffing. Well I will show him, I closed my eyes and imagined myself a six story tall dragon; now I am going to try what Horus said, I could be anything I wanted. I decided to change the color, I imagined myself a silver dragon, that was when silver scales popped up, and Horus gasped. Then I started to shift...

As usual the pain is enough to make me scream, as my bones continued to break and stretch, my muscles stretch, then I begin to grow in height. When it was all over, I was as silver as the full-moon, and as bit as the oldest trees. Luckily for my Father's men, they backed up a long ways away, as I shifted. I laid down so Horus who got on first, then Bri, and Anubis in that order from neck to middle back. I looked at Father and sent him a thought.

Say good-bye to your home!


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