Stay Awake

Thomas and his best friend Mike are dragged into another world of monsters and magic. The last thing he wanted was to leave his girl friend but now also has to survive without his right leg. The two boys must help each other to do what ever it takes to get home.


1. Stay Awake

“Thomas stay awake!”  The words rang in his ears as Thomas’ vision blurred and faded again.  “THOMAS!” Mike cried.

           Thomas blacked out.  The last thing he remembered was the searing pain shooting up his leg.  One moment Thomas and Mike were walking through the forest near their camp site, the next was a flash of light, then pain, then nothing. 

            Thomas came to lying on a rocky floor.  The pain had not left him, but his vision was coming back.  They were in a cave; Mike was sitting with his knees up to his chest.  He was crying, Thomas was more concerned where they were then why he was crying.  Mike didn’t seem to notice he had awoken.  There was a small crack it the roof of the cave about the size of a person.  A light shone through the crack, the sky above was blood red. 

            Thomas rolled himself over and attempted to rise to his knees.  All support on his right side was gone and he fell.  Pain shot up his right leg and he screamed out as tears streamed down his face.  Quickly Mike came rushing over after realizing he was awake.

            “Oh my god you’re alive,” Mike said helping him to a sitting position against the cave wall.

            Thomas couldn’t feel his leg, as he looked down he realized why.  Just above his right knee his leg was gone.  Panic set in quickly and the pain rushed back into him.  Mike was holding his shoulders back as he thrashed.  His shirt had been taken off and tightly tied around where his leg was severed, and Mike’s shirt was wrapped around the stump as best it could to stop the bleeding.

            “What the hell is going on!?”  Thomas’ eyes were blood shot.  He was beginning to black out again.

            “We were attacked, just calm down were safe here.”  Mike was trying to sound calm through his panicking. 

            After what seemed like an endless length of time Thomas stopped screaming and swearing.  He had not stopped crying, gritting his teeth through the pain.  He couldn’t stop looking at where his leg was, holding it and trying to fight against the pain.  He was convinced it was impossible.  He was going to die.

            Hours passed and finally Thomas was able to stay focused through the pain.  “What happened… where are we Mike?”

            “I don’t know…”  Mike was back in his seated position holding his knees.  “We were attacked by some monster.”

            “Like a bear?  How far are we from camp?”  He looked up at the sky again, still red like blood.

            “No…” Mike hesitated, “like a dragon.  I don’t know where we are, but it’s nowhere near camp.”

            Suddenly the rest of his memory’s came back.  They stepped through the light, out of the forest and into a desert.  A moment of confusion came over them before the lizard like animal emerged from the sands and tore into Thomas’ leg.  The Dragon tore it free and was distracted by the severed limb as Mike began dragging Thomas away.  Mike was shouting as him to stay awake.  Blood trailed in the sand from his leg.  Mike was gripping his wrists and dragging him almost in a sprint.  He blacked out from the pain and came to too Mike dropping him into a cave through a large crack.  Mike fell in after him, kneeling over him shouting “Thomas stay awake!”

            “I remember…”  Thomas spoke under his breath, not quite believing it.

            “It’s still out there; it can’t get in here through…”  Mike was crying again.

            They were only eighteen and nineteen years old.  Stuff like this only happened in books or movies.   They were with their girlfriends for the weekend.  Now this, nineteen year old boys were not supposed to have their legs bitten off.  Thomas was nice to people, he never bullied anyone while he was in school.  Karma’s a whore.

            Thomas reached down to his hip to where he kept his hunting knife.  It was not in its sheath.  “Mike, you have my knife?”

            “Yeah,” he said holding it up and tossing it over.  It landed next to Thomas and he picked it up.  “Sorry I needed it to cut up our shirts for your leg.”  There was a long pause after as Thomas held up the knife, looking at it in the light of the setting sun.  The light was almost gone now though.  “What are you going to do with it?”

            Thomas bared his teeth and with a wild look in his eyes said “Get my leg back.”

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