Stay Awake

Thomas and his best friend Mike are dragged into another world of monsters and magic. The last thing he wanted was to leave his girl friend but now also has to survive without his right leg. The two boys must help each other to do what ever it takes to get home.


2. Stay Alive

Thomas was determined to cut into the dragon, but quickly discovered several problems.  The only way out of this cave it would seem was through the crack in the ceiling which was about eight feet off the ground.  Also his right leg was non-existent and it was surprisingly hard to stand, let alone climb with one leg.  They had been sitting in the dark for hours now and were becoming hungry.   Both their backs ached and Thomas’ stump seemed to be growing worse by the moment.  He wasn’t about to get any sleep tonight.

            Thomas was pretty sure he was about to die.  His bandages had only done so much; he was still losing a lot of blood.  He had become so used to the pain he was fairly sure he had forgotten what comfort was. 

            Suddenly out of the darkness a light shone through and approached him.  A small blue transparent woman hovered in the air in front of him.  She tilted her head and smiled.  She wore a long blue dress that faded into wisps of light.  She was beautiful.  For a moment he was sure he was hallucinating, though she could be as real as the sand dragon.

            “Hi,” she said.  Her voice echoed through the night air and faded like the light of her dress.  “I’m a light morph… what’s your name?”

            “Thomas,” he said in reply.  His voice was harsh, he almost didn’t recognize it.

            “That’s a funny name!” She giggled.  “I’ve never heard it before; it’s nice to meet you Thomas.”

            “Thanks…”  His vision was leaving him again, “Look, if you don’t mind I’m kind of in the middle of dying here.”

            “Oh, silly me!”  She flew down to where his leg was severed and morphed into what looked to be water and washed over his stump.  The bandages faded away and the blood cleaned up.  The massive open wound healed over and instantly he began to feel more alive.  “There,” she started “now we can talk.”

            “Oh my god!”  He said reaching down holding his leg.  All his pain had gone.

            “Yeah, sorry I can’t bring your leg back... I’m sure you’re happy to not be dying though right?  Did I help?”

            Thomas looked over to see Mike awake and staring at the Light Morph.  He looked at it with total awe.  She had turned back into the girl hovering around Thomas’ head.  Mike made his way over and sat cross legged looking at the Morph. 

            “Thank you…” Thomas said. 

            “I like helping people!”  She giggled again “I guess you can’t stay long though, the other one wants to leave to,” she was frowning now.  “He’s mean!”

            “Who’s he?” Mike asked.

            “I don’t know… he wouldn’t talk to me like you.  Since you’re so nice I’m going to help you out!”  Quickly she morphed again into a brilliant light that flooded the room.

            Thomas’ vision slowly came back and he realized they were no longer in their cave.  They had been brought into the desert.  The sand was cool on their legs as they were still sitting.  Thomas held his breath and reached down for his knife as he looked to his left.  Only several meters away lay the monster that took his leg, it was beginning to wake from its sleep. 

            The Morph yawned, “Wooh, that took a lot of magic… I’m tired… Good night.”

            “What you can’t leave me to be eaten by that thing!”  Thomas said hastily under his breath.  He was gripping his knife which was only five inches long.  He was also beginning to panic as the sand dragon began slithering through the sand towards him. 

            “It’s okay… you have that knife.”  Then she was gone.

            Yeah a lot of help you were.  The sand dragon was easily twice his size as it rose on its hind legs ready to attack.  Suddenly Mike was upon the monster dragging it to the ground.  Its claws dug into Mike and blood started trailing down his arms.  He wrestled it to the ground and began crushing its neck in a headlock.  Thomas saw his chance and thrust his knife into the dragon’s belly.  It screamed out and snapped at him with its massive jaws.  Thomas thrust again cutting even deeper, running the blade down its stomach. 

            Blood sprayed and covered the sand which shone in the moonlight.  The dragon collapsed and Mike rolled off the back of it.  He was panting like a dog.  The dragon stumbled a few feet then fell over dead.  Thomas dragged himself over to where it lay and pull his knife free.  Disgusting.

            It was all a little too easy, though he wasn’t about to complain.  Mike looked at his disgusted as he watched Thomas plunge his hand into the open wound of the monster.

            He looked like he was about to throw up, “What the hell are you doing?”

            Thomas dug around until he felt bone, ripping free what was felt of what was in its stomach.  The bone of a shin with a foot attached lay in Thomas’ hand, only the bone was left.  Thomas tossed it to the side of him and leaned back against the dragon laughing.

            “See I told you,” he said looking up into the night sky.  “I got my leg back.”

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