The Poisoned Apple

My name is hope, I'm here to tell you a story of a girl who hurt herself cause people call her fat and who almost commit suicide cause of her childhood years

Enjoy it :)


3. meeting at the park ❤️

Me and Liam started to head back to our place were we met the boys for our date.

Harry ran to liam panicked and said to him" LIAM?!, LOUIS HAS GONE MISSING AND WE CANT FIND HIM😭"

I looked over to see my girls with Sophie trying calming her down, I ran over to the girls and liam went to the lads.

Liam said to me" we will go and find Louis for your friend" I said "GO"

2 hours later

The boys come back with Louis :)

Sophie runs into Louis with a huge hug and says to her man " I'm NEVER going to let you go I promise"

Then all of a sudden liam comes to me and says "hey beautiful, how are you?" I turn around and hug liam.

After an eventful night we all go back to Harry's place.

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