Faith a girl from a small town gets a big surprise on her birthday. she loves reading fiction book and when she receives a letter some of her wildest dreams come true.


7. Chapter 5

Chapter 5


Faith woke up the next morning and got dressed. Then she walked to the Great Hall. During breakfast she found out how the mail came. She was eating her food when hundreds of owls flew into the Great Hall and found their owners. A small Tawny owl landed in front of her with a letter from her parents. She decided to wait until after breakfast to read it. When she finished eating she started talking to Natalia and some of the other girls around her. One of the girls she started talking to was Abbygail. She liked to be called Abby. The girls talked during breakfast and they discovered that had several things in common. Both of the girls loved to read.


After breakfast was over Olivia Perona the Head of house for Hufflepuff came down and gave all the students a schedule. When Faith got her schedule she looked it over and saw that she had double transfigurations in the morning, then charms and herbology in the afternoon.


"Faith what is your schedule for today?" Abby questioned.


"I have double transfiguration in the morning, then charms and herbology after lunch. What about you?" Faith said.


"I have the exact same schedule as you! Come on let's go get our things for transfiguration."






"Wow I can't believe our first day of classes is already over!" Exclaimed Abby as they walked out of the herbology greenhouse. "Come on let's go walk around." As they were walking around the grounds Faith spotted Natalia and Sophie near the lake.


"Hey! Natalia, Sophie. How are you?" Faith asked.


"Hi! We're good. How was your first day of classes?" Natalia asked.


"It was amazing!!" Faith replied. "Are you guys doing anything?"


"No not really. Why?" Replied Sophie.


"Well, I was wondering if you can show me where the library is?" Asked Faith.


"Sure just follow me." she Said. Sophie and Natalia led the way through the castle and up the grand staircase to the library. "Here it is." Sophie said.


"Thanks!!"Faith replied. "Come on lets go get ready for dinner."



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