Faith a girl from a small town gets a big surprise on her birthday. she loves reading fiction book and when she receives a letter some of her wildest dreams come true.


5. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Finally it was September 1st. “Faith do you have everything ready? It is almost time to go.” her mom called.

Faith looked around her room, “this is the last time I will be here for a while.” She thought to herself. “Okay mom I'm coming I think I have everything. “ She told her mom as she walked down the stairs to the door to her waiting family.

The trip to Kings Cross Station was quiet she did not know what to say to her family. She was very excited to be going to this new school but she was sad to be leaving her family. Once they got to the station they unloaded her things on to a trolley and went into the station looking for platform 9 and 10. “Now how do we get on the platform?” Her father asked Faith.

“The professor told me that I had to run at the barrier between platform 9 and 10 then I would be on it.” She replied nervously. Once the family found platform 9 and 10 they just waited, not really knowing why. Then they saw a man and a woman with two boys and a girl.

She heard the man say, “Alright James you first.” The boy who was apparently James looked to his father then took his trolley and ran at the barrier. With Faith watching close she saw him run at the barrier and just when she thought he would hit it he disappeared. She watched as the other boy and the father ran at the barrier and disappeared. Then the mother and daughter did the same.

“Well I think we do what they did.” Faith said. She looked to her parents then with them behind her she ran at the barrier. Just when she thought she would crash but she didn’t. She appeared on a platform that said 9 ¾. “Wow,” she said when she saw the gleaming scarlet engine.

“Come on Faith it is almost 11 o’clock. You need to get on.” Her father said.

Faith looked at her parents, ”Bye” she said, trying to hold back tears. “If I can come home for Christmas I will. Okay?” She told them. They helped her get her things on the train, and then she turned around and gave each of them a hug before getting on the train. She turned around and waved at them before looking for an empty compartment. She found one almost at the end of the train. Once she put her stuff of the rack she got a book out and started reading.

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door and a girl said “Can we join you? All of the other compartments are full.”

“Sure,” She said. Then three people walked in, two girls and a boy. A girl with short blond wavy hair sat in front of her and the boy with brown curly hair sat beside her, while the other girl with short light brown hair sat beside Faith. “Hi, I'm Faith. What are your names?” She asked them.

The girl sitting in front of her with short blond wavy hair said, ”Hi, I'm Natalia and this is my brother Benjamin. We call him Ben.” The boy smiled and waved at Faith.

Then the girl beside her said, “I'm Sophia”

“So is this your first year going to Hogwarts?” Natalia asked Faith.

“Yeah it is.” She replied

“Do you know what house you want to be in?” Natalia asked.

“House? There are different houses?” she asked.

“Yeah, there are four different houses. They’re Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. People who are brave get put in Gryffindor. People who are loyal are in Hufflepuff. Those who are smart and witty are in Ravenclaw. And those who are sly and cunning get put in Slytherin. “ Natalia said.

“Oh I don’t know I guess either Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff.” Faith replied. "What house are you in?" she asked Sophia and Natalia.

"I'm in Ravenclaw" Sophia said.

"And I'm in Hufflepuff." Natalia said. The group sat talking; Faith’s book lay forgotten on the seat beside her.

After a while they changed into to their robes and waited for the train to stop. When it finally stopped they left their things on the train and went outside. She heard someone shout, "first years over here." she looked around and saw Professor Longbottom. Faith went over and stood in the group of first years. Once everyone was there the Professor led the group to the edge of a lake and said, "OK everyone get into a boat. No more than four to a boat" 

Faith got in to a boat with Ben and two other girls she did not know. Then by themselves the boats started to move forward. When they went around a corner many of the children gasped when they got their first look at the majestic castle. Once the boats were docked they followed the professor up to a big wooden door and led them trough to a huge entryway right in front of two giant oak doors. "Alright," he said, "in a few minutes I will lead you through these doors and you will be sorted into your houses. The houses for those of you who don't know are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin."

He opened the doors and led the children through. All of the children were just amazed, they looked up expecting to see a ceiling but they only saw the night sky. She heard several of the kids say, "Wow." 

Once all of the children got to the front where a stool stood with an old hat on it, the Professor went up and said, "When I call your name come up here and I will place the hat on your head.

"Adams, Joshua" A boy with Light brown hair went up and sat on the stool. a minute later the hat announced "Gryffindor!" One of the tables erupted in clapping and the boy went and sat down with them.

"Baker, Abbygail" The girl who sat with her in the boat went up and sat on the stool. Then the hat announced, "Hufflepuff!" Another table started cheering and Abby went and sat at that table.

A while later the boy that sat with her on the train Benjamin Miller was called. He was placed in Gryffindor.

Then "Morgan, Faith" was called. She walked up and sat on the stool and the hat was placed on her head. 

She heard a voice in her ear whisper, "Hmm. You are shy to people you do not know. Oh I see you are very smart and loyal to the friends that you had. Where to put you? I think Hufflepuff!" The hat said the last word aloud and there was cheering at that table. Faith went over and sat by Abby and watched the rest of the sorting. 

Soon she hears Lilly Potter called up. She was the girl that Faith saw at the station with the family, The girl was sorted into Gryffindor.

Then finally everyone was sorted into their house a woman stood up and said and said some rules then she said, "Enjoy the feast!" and sat back down. Immediately all of the plates in front of them filled with food. 

After everyone had eaten dessert, the same woman stood up and said, "Prefects please lead the first years to the dorms. Dismissed."

As Faith was getting up she hear someone say, "Hufflepuff first years follow me." Faith followed him down a few hallways then he said, "This is the hallway that leads to the kitchen these barrels here are the entrance to our common room. You have to tap the barrel second from the bottom, middle of the row in the rhythm of Helga Hufflepuff. Once he did it. he led them into a nice sized, low ceilinged, earthy room. "Okay the dorms are up the stairs the boys' are to the right and the girls' to the left.

Faith entered the dorm and found the first years' dorm and her four-poster bed with patchwork quilts, changed into her pajamas, got into bed, and went to sleep.

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