Faith a girl from a small town gets a big surprise on her birthday. she loves reading fiction book and when she receives a letter some of her wildest dreams come true.


4. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

“Faith come on we have to go. Professor Longbottom will be here any minute,” Faith’s mom called.

“Today is the day I am going to Diagon Alley to get my supplies!” Faith said to herself excitedly. “Okay mom I will be down in a second.”

The doorbell rang and Faith ran to open the door, with her family right behind her. “Hello Faith are you ready to go?” asked the professor.

“Yes. How are we getting there?” she replied.

“We will be walking; you actually do not live very far away. The entrance is only about four blocks that way.” He said.

After walking a few blocks Professor Longbottom pointed and said, “There it is. The Leaky Cauldron can you see it?”

After looking around for a little bit she finally spotted it. A little building that has a small sign that said The Leaky Cauldron. “I see it. Mom, dad can you see it?”

“No we cannot see it.” Her father replied.

“It‘s ok without help muggle cannot see it. Just follow us and you will see it soon.” The professor told them.

Once inside the building they went out a back door into a little courtyard like area. The professor walked up to the brick wall and took out his wand and tapped a few of the bricks. Then all of the bricks started to move creating a wider open area until it formed an arch. As the Professor led them through the arch Faith gasped.  Everything was so new and looked so amazing that she could not stop looking around with wide eyes.

“There is Flourish and Blots you can buy all of your books there. There is Madam Malkin’s where you can get robes, there is a second had shop around that corner.  There is Ollivanders he makes wands that is where you will go to get your wand.” The Professor told Faith.

After faith bought all of her books, potions ingredients, and other equipment they were ready to go to Ollivanders to get her wand. Walking into the small shop she stood with her family waiting. Out of nowhere appears an old man who Faith assumes is Mr. Ollivander.

“Hello my dear I am Ollivander are you here to but your first wand?” Said the man.

“Yes” replied Faith.

“Well let’s see” he said while searching through the shelves of boxes. “Try this one.” She said handing her a wand, “10 ¾ in Beech, Unicorn core, reasonably supple.”  She held the wand not sure what to do, upon seeing this he said, “Well give it a wave.”  Faith waved the wand and immediately several boxes flew off the shelf in front of her. Scared Faith quickly gave the wand back to the man. ”Nope not that one” he said replacing it back in the box. Here try this one.” Mr. Ollivander said giving her another wand. “13 in sycamore, dragon heart string core slightly springy.”

Faith took that wand and gave it a wave. This time the vases of plants near them exploded sending dirt everywhere. “No not that one either. Let me see,” he said as he went to get more wands. After trying about two more he gave her another one, “10 in, Elm, Unicorn tail hair core, unyielding,” he told her. The moment she took it she felt a warm current pass through her body and when she waved it a light shone out the end.

“This is the one.” Faith said. Once she paid for it her family went out and headed home with all of her equipment she needed for the school year.

“Oh one more thing,” Said Professor Longbottom handing her a ticket, “Here is your ticket for the train. On September 1st the train departs platform 9 ¾ at eleven am sharp.”

“Okay, how do you get on platform 9 ¾?” Asked Faith.

“To get on the platform you have to run at the barrier of platform 9 and 10 and then you will be on the platform.” The professor told them. After that the family went home to prepare to send Faith to school.

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