Faith a girl from a small town gets a big surprise on her birthday. she loves reading fiction book and when she receives a letter some of her wildest dreams come true.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Faith was laying on her bed reading. Summer was almost over and then she would be going back to school. She was not really looking forward to going back to school. She did not have very many friends. Everyone was always too different from her that she just couldn’t make friends. She was shy and very timid, but she also had a secret no one knew about.

Being almost the end of the summer did mean one thing though. Her birthday! She would be turning eleven. Her birthday was now only two day away and she was very excited. She knew it would be a small birthday party with only her family but she didn’t mind. Her parents didn’t have a lot of money and they did the best that they could.

She woke up to a bright morning when her cat decided to jump up on her chest. ”Today is my birthday,” she thought. Lying in bed for a few more minutes she heard her mom call, “Faith wake up, it is getting late and there is a lot to do!”

“Okay mom, I’m up. I will be down in a minute.” Faith responded.

She knew her mom always did something special for breakfast and Faith always loved it. When she got dressed she went downstairs to the kitchen where the rest of her family was. On the table sat her favorite breakfast, pancakes and eggs with a lot of syrup.

“So what are we doing today?” Faith asked.

“Well I thought that we could go do some shopping for clothes then we could go out to eat where ever you wanted.” Her mom replied.

Faith looked around the room; she saw her mom and her dad. She finally responded to her mom, “Sure, how soon are we leaving?”

“I don’t know in an hour or two,” her mom replied.

“Thanks so much mom and dad. I had a great time to day.” Faith told her parents as they walked into their house that evening after eating supper. Waiting in the floor right inside of the door was a letter. Faith looked at it. It was a fairly big letter made of parchment. She looked on the back to see it addressed to her. She turned it over to see a wax seal on it with a big H. breaking the seal she took out the several pieces of parchment that was inside.

The letter said

Dear Faith,

You have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. If you do not already know you are a witch. We would be pleased if you would attend our school. The term begins on September first and we expect a reply no later than July 31st.

There is a list of all necessary equipment and books enclosed.

Someone will be coming over to your house on Friday to answer any questions that you may have.


Professor McGonagall


After reading the letter Faith had a million questions running through her head. “A witch, is that what I am? Is this why strange things keep happening around me? Is this why I have no friends?” when she finally looked up from the letter her dad asked, “Is there anything you want to tell us?”

“Um… I… I am…,” she just kept stammering try to make a coherent sentence. “I am a witch.” She finally said.

“A witch?” her mother asked skeptically.

She read the letter out loud so her parents could hear it. “Yes it all makes sense now!” she said. “There have been really strange things that happen around me when I am very excited or mad. At first I just dismissed it thinking it was a trick, but other things kept happening. I didn’t know what it was so I dint tell anyone. Can I go to this school please it may be a chance for me to meet people like me and to make some friends.”

 Her parents looked at each other and shared some looks her dad said, “Okay let see what happens after the person comes on Friday. Then we will decide.”

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