Dark Fairy

Lily Campbell was a regular girl until she found the secret hide away in the forest. Inside Lily meets the fairies. Ashton was the prince of the Dark fairies and he wanted Lily...and Lily wanted to go home...home where her boyfriend Tre awaited; the secret Prince of the Light.


2. Life Without Tre

Lily Campbell had been friends with Tre Light since the first day of kindergarten, now for the first time she was without him. Lily had never felt so alone-she had other friends, friends who hated how Tre treated her; but none of them could ever be Tre. Yes she had found out Tre was an evil fairy; but he had never been evil in her eyes. No, he was just Tre to her. But now she had broken off all ties to him. Including Ash, she hadn't spoken to him in weeks. She felt guilty of just breaking off any means of communication to the good fairy; it was just too painful to go from one prince to the other. Ash was everything Tre wasn't. Ash was kind, and thoughtful, sensitive, and full of light and happiness. She had only spoken to him once; but it was enough. Another reason Lily couldn't bring herself to speak with Ash was the fact that she was a Mate. A species of Human that could reproduce with Fairies and even choose to become one; with the help of a sponsor. Lily couldn't bring herself to leave her parents though; at least not yet. She often wondered if her parents had been Mates; and then that thought would venture into another; which one of her parents was a fairy?


“Lily! It’s time for school!” Lily logged off her computer and grabbed her things. To be doing something so mundane as going to public school when one knew about a whole other world; one where fairies existed and one’s ex boyfriend was an evil fairy prince. “LILY!”


“Mom, I’m coming hold on a minute.” Lily locked her door, she didn’t want her mother reading her journal and finding out about the Hide Away. Or Ash, or the fact she had broken up with Tre. Lily took the stairs two at a time and landed in front of her mother. “Ready, see I told you I was coming.”


“Lily, where’s your pants?” Lily looked down mortified, “Kidding. Come on.” Lily glared at her mother, and mentally smacked herself for forgetting she indeed had pants on. Of course, these were her pajama jeans, so that could be the reason she forgot. Her mother grabbed her keys and the two were off.


“Working at the school today?” Lily asked as she fiddled with the radio dials.


“Yes. Lily, do you mind sharing the reason as to why you broke up with Tre, and then kept it from me?” Lily froze over the ‘Seek’ button and looked at her mother. Her mother’s face was calm-and full of understanding. Lily knew this look, it was her therapist look and Lily hated it when she used it on her.


“Mom, I was tired of the way Tre treated our relationship, and I didn’t tell you because it was painful to even think about.”


“Sweetheart, you know you can tell me anything.”


“I know mom, I’m sorry.”


“Besides, Tre deserved to get his heartbroken.”


“Why do you say that?”


“No reason.” Lily wasn’t convinced of what her mother meant by her comment, ‘Tre deserved to get his heartbroken.’ Who says that? The rest of the drive was in silence. When they did arrive at the school Lily bailed out of the car like a fugitive. Lily had never been so glad to see her school building. She spotted her friend Lizabeth near the tree in which all her friends; including Tre hung out before school started.




“Hey Lily! I’m so sorry it didn’t work out between you and Trevor.” Liz never used the nickname that Lily had bestowed upon Trevor.


“Its alright. My mother said the strangest thing in the car, she said that Tre deserved to have his heartbroken. I’m sorry but no matter what you do, no one deserves to feel this pain.”


“What does it feel like?” Liz asked, she had never been in a long term relationship. Her relationships only lasted a week or two at most.


“What does what feel like?” Sophia, Lily’s other best friend asked as she walked up to Lily.


“Heartbreak.” Liz answered quickly.


“Oh, Liz it feels awful.” Sophia answered.

“It feels like someone is stabbing you through the heart with barbed wire wrapped shards of glass. Over and over again. And when you see that person, the shards of glass turn into a pipe bomb and explodes repeatedly until that person leaves.” Lily said.



“That’s one of the best descriptions I've heard.” Lily heard a familiar voice behind her, no it couldn't be, he said he didn’t affiliate with humans.

“Ash!” Lily said excitedly as she turned around.

“Hey, I’m happy to see you too.” Ash said taking her in his arms. Her two friends looked at the pair, expectantly for a reason as to why their best friend was hugging the new kid. Lily blushed and happily gave the explanation.

“Guys, this is Ashton Dark, he comes from a few towns over. We've known each other over FaceTalk for a few weeks.” Ash waved sheepishly; having no idea what ‘FaceTalk’ was or how to use anything electronic.

“Oh, hello welcome to Coalston Academy.” Liz said, “Its always nice to meet Lily’s friends. I’m Lizabeth Shelby, her best friend since kindergarten.”

“Hello, I’m Sophia Josephson, I hope you consider Drama Club as your chosen Elective.”

“Sophie is the president.” Lily supplied to the confused looking Ash.

“Oh, look at the time. We best get inside before you know who shows up.” Liz said.

“She means Tre.” Lily whispered to Ash. “They've never liked him.”

“Then let’s not tell them I’m related.” Ash said lightly.

“We wouldn't want that. So, what made you decide to transfer to human school?”

“You.” Ash said simply. Lily blushed a deep crimson, taking the crook of his elbow so she could lead him inside. “So have you thought about the whole Mate situation yet?”


“Honestly I've been too immersed in Cookie Dough ice cream and reruns of Friends to think anything of it. Sorry.”


“Its alright. I wasn’t expecting you to. What is Friends?” Lily faked an angry ‘o’ of shock before explaining,


Friends is the most amazing ‘90’s sitcom of them all! Basically its these six friends, Monica, Ross, Phoebe, Rachel, Joey, and Chandler living in the big city. Monica and Ross are siblings and Ross has had this major crush on Rachel since high school, Rachel is Monica’s oldest friend but along the way they lost contact, and came back into each-other’s lives when Rachel runs off on her wedding day. Joey is Chandler’s roommate, and Chandler is Ross’ best friend from college. Phoebe; you know I’m not sure how Phoebe came to be in the group but she was there before Joey and Rachel in the Big Apple. Its hilarious, you should come over and watch it with me. I have all ten seasons on DVD.”

“Okay, how about Saturday?”

“Sounds good to me.” Lily said with a smile, the smile faded when she saw Tre glaring at them from a crossed the hall way. Ash noticed and looked to where she was glaring.

“Don’t let him get to you.” Ash said taking her hand. Not in a romantic way, just enough to calm her down. “Where’s your first class?”

“Let me see your schedule.” Ash handed over the piece of paper, and Lily smiled, “You’re in all my classes.” Ash smiled, and grabbed her books from her. “You know I’m perfectly capable of doing that myself.”

“Oh I know that. But did Tre ever do this for you?”

“No, he didn’t. Thank you.” Lily said quietly. “Are you doing thing to be nice, or to prove to him you’re better for me?”

“Why not both?” Ash asked. “I’m kidding I don’t care what he thinks. I’m a nice guy.” The two of them arrived at Mr. Jenkins geometry class, and took the two remaining seats in the back. Usually where Tre and Lily would've sat. Liz looked up as Lily passed her.

“Where are your books?” Liz asked before spotting Ash, carrying them.

“Not my idea. We ran into Tre and he just took them from me.”

“Oh. How gentlemanly of you.” Liz said approvingly, “The next step is to kick his ass.”

“My pleasure.” Ash said quickly. Liz eyed him curiously.

“Have the two of met before?”

“You could say that.”

“Did he catch Lily FaceTalking with you?”


“What’s your FaceTalk name?”

“Lightbringer17.” Lily supplied, “He only had his account to find out more about the school. He’s actually an old friend of Tre’s.”

“Oh, so you no longer have this account?”


“I don’t remember seeing you on Lily’s friends list.”

“Why are you interrogating him Liz?” Lily snapped.

“I’m not, I’m getting to know him.”

“Miss Shelby and Miss. Campbell; am I interrupting your riveting conversation?”

“No sir.” Lily answered.

“Good, then you have no problem telling me the answer to my previous question?”


“There would be no answer sir, since you didn’t in fact ask a question. And if you did it must’ve been in your mind because the class didn’t hear it.” Lily closed her mouth and looked just about as shocked at everyone else as she looked over to where Tre was sitting.

“Mr. Light I hope you do not mind a week’s worth of detention.”

“For what sir, standing up for a fellow student?”

“No, for standing up for a Neskirth.” Lily looked over to Ash who was clenching his fists.

“What’s a Neskirth?” Lily asked, Ash leaned over to her and whispered,

“A Neskirth, is a fairy slang for a human slut. Fairies use the term to describe a fairies choice in companionship.”

“Mr. Jenkins just called me a slut! Why I never!” Mr. Jenkins turned in her direction.

“Miss. Campbell, is something the matter?”

“Yes.” Lily looked to Ash for an insult.

“Tell him he’s a Gesbirth. A Gesbirth is a fairies afterbirth; its technically the twin of the other fairy born. They’re ugly creatures that are usually killed on sight, but some are brought up to be slaves.”

“Mr. Jenkins, you sir are uglier than a Gesbirth.” Mr. Jenkins looked taken aback by the insult, especially being that it was delivered to him in Fairy. He couldn't do anything to punish her of course because what was he going to say to the principal? That Lily said something to him in gibberish? Even besides the point, Lily Campbell was the principal's daughter. Mr. Jenkins turned back around, while the other students whispered about the odd word that Lily Campbell had called their geometry teacher. Lily saw Tre snickering in the opposite corner of the room. Ash smiled at him and the two cousins laughed harder. Lily smiled; perhaps the three of them could be friends.


The bell rang and Lily got up and waited for Liz and Ash. The three of them walked slowly to the next class; which happened to be Drama, Liz and Lily had been suckered into taking this elective because Sophia wanted them to do it, and when Sophia wanted something she usually got it. That and the fact Liz and Lily hardly saw Sophia throughout the day.

“Soph!” Liz called up towards the catwalk. “Do you mind coming down here and explaining the play we’re working on to Ash?”Lily smiled, Liz had used Ash’s nickname. Lily looked up and saw to her horror Sophia holding the latter with her hands and sliding down it without using her legs at all. Liz looked horrified, and well Lily she saw that her friend was fine and walked over to Liz to calm her.

“You okay?” Liz looked at her and smiled.

“Of course, its completely normal to see your best friend free fall from a catwalk!”

“I wasn’t free falling Lizzie. I was simply sliding.” Sophia said matter of factly.

“Falling or not Sophie you scared us.” Lily said. “Ash, here’s a copy of the play we’re reading.” Lily handed the fairy a copy of ‘A Midsummer’s Nights Dream’ by William Shakespeare. “Be warned, there’s fairies galore.” Lily said trying not to smile.

“You’re hilarious, I almost forgot to laugh.” Ash said sarcastically. Causing Liz and Sophia to laugh at Lily’s expense.

“Let’s just read shall we?” Lily said.

“Oh we’re just joking. You really are funny.” Ash said.

“Alright.” Lily said finally.

“Alright, I need my Hippolyta and I haven’t decided who Philostrate or Theseus could be. Oh, Lily you’re Hippolyta, you pick the male leads.”

“Um, Tre and Ash I guess.”

“Ooh.” Liz said.

The remainder of class was people messing up their lines and Sophia getting extremely angry because the performance was in a week. The bell rang and everyone cheered and crowded the exits to escape the wrath of Sophia Josephson. Lily especially since she had cast Ash and Tre as the two of the leads.

“LILY CAMPBELL!” Lily froze when she heard Sophia running to catch up with her. Ash froze as well; he couldn't go anywhere without her it seemed.

“Just go with Tre, he knows where to go.”

“I don’t want to go with Tre.”

“Then go with Liz.”

“Are you trying to get rid of me?”

“Do you want to be yelled at?”


“Then go.” Lily said, pushing him gently towards Liz.

“LILIANA ONYX CAMPBELL!” Lily winced when Sophia used her full name, “How could you recommend them?”

“You’re the one who didn’t hold auditions. I only blurted out the two names that were male.”

“I’m sorry Lily, its just that this is our senior year. I have five plays to put on and every one has to be perfect.” Sophia said, calming down slightly.

“Its alright Soph, just try not to take it out on me, I’m the only one who knows Hippolyta’s part.”

“I know, you are the only one who knows their lines. Well I’ll see you later.” Lily wiped her brow and ran to catch up with Ash and the rest of her friends.

She slid into her seat in her next class with seconds to spare. Ash glanced at her with a small smile. Her English class was the only class she looked forward to. Here in this class she could be herself. Professor Wilfred was awesome; he was laid back in his lessons and allowed his students a sense of freedom none of the other teachers would.


“Alright students, today we will be discussing the pros and cons of first person narrative.” Lily looked up quickly; putting aside the book she had been about to read. “Can anyone name a book that is in first person?” Lily rose her hand, sooner than the rest of the class, “Yes Miss Campbell?”

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.”

“Yes, very good.” Professor Wilfred turned and wrote down the example, “Anyone else?”

No hands shot up for the rest of class. “Class tomorrow we will begin reading, The Fault in Our Stars.” The bell rang moments later, and for the first time Lily was excited to be doing a group reading. John Green happened to be one of favorite authors.


As the end of the day came about Lily said goodbye to her friends and went to meet her mother. She heard giggles coming from her mother’s office and Lily, against her better judgment opened the door. To her utter horror she saw her mother and father engaged in, in something that shouldn’t be witnessed by their seventeen year old daughter.

“MOM! DAD! Seriously in school!”

“Lily! Oh goodness.” Lily slammed the door and ran from the reception area and ran into Ash’s chest.

“Lily, where’s the fire?”

“No time for jokes! Can I walk home with you?”

“Sure. Whatever you witnessed sure got you riled up.”

“My parents are pigs! God, it was so disgusting!”


“Yea oh!” Lily walked next to Ash to her home and Ash walked a crossed her backyard into the forest. “See you tomorrow!” Lily called.

“As you wish!” Ash said before disappearing into the darkness. Tomorrow was Saturday and Ash was coming over to watch Friends with her. Lily skipped up the stairs towards her room and dropped her bag and changed into flannel pajamas and logged into her computer. The image of her parents doing the nasty wouldn’t leave her mind, so Lily watched the Rugrats, trying to dislodge the mentally scarring image. She heard over her computer speakers her front door opening. She cringed knowing it was one of her parents and she had to see them at dinner that evening. Disgusting. Just thinking about them made her cringe.

“Lily, are you here? Can we talk?” Lily heard her mother call up to her. Maybe she could just ignore her, maybe she’ll think Lily was at Lizabeth’s or even Sophia’s. “Lily, your shoes are down here. I know you’re here.” Lily heard footsteps on the stairs. Lily moved quickly and locked her door. “Liliana Onyx Campbell; open this door.”

“No! What you did was absolutely disgusting! Don’t tell me its a natural thing! Doing it in school in your office isn’t natural!” Lily yelled through the door.

“Look, I’m sorry...your father and I haven’t really been.”

“Attracted to one another? So your solution is to do it wherever you want?”

“No, Lily you’re right what we did was irresponsible and I’m sorry you had to witness it.”

“I’m not coming to dinner.” Lily whispered.

“I understand.” Her mother left her door and went downstairs. Lily didn’t know why she was making such a big deal about this. After all this sort of thing always happened...right?  Lily dropped onto her bed and fell asleep.


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