Dark Fairy

Lily Campbell was a regular girl until she found the secret hide away in the forest. Inside Lily meets the fairies. Ashton was the prince of the Dark fairies and he wanted Lily...and Lily wanted to go home...home where her boyfriend Tre awaited; the secret Prince of the Light.


1. Hide Away

Chapter One: Hide Away



Lily Campbell sat on the porch of her Victorian home, in the heart of Southern Belle territory. The sun had just set over the mountains; and she was waiting for her boyfriend Tre to arrive so they could go on their date. Of course Tre was late; as he almost always was. He blamed it mostly on his mother; but wasn't he to blame as well? Finally tired of waiting for him Lily went back inside...just as she was about to close the door, Tre came bounding up the pathway.


"Lily, Lily I'm sorry,"


"Tre, you said that the last time. And the time before that. You promised you'd be on time." Lily returned.


"Lily, my-"


"Save it for someone who will believe you Trevor Light!" Lily said, interrupting him and slamming the door in his face. She turned, tears in her eyes, and found her mother standing there.


"Lily; are you alright?" her mother's face contorted into the worried expression she saved just for her daughter.


"Its nothing mom, honest. I'm just going to go to bed. If Tre shows up tell him I don't want to talk."


"Alright dear." Lily kissed her mother's cheek and went to her room. She noticed the picture of her and Tre on the desk and picked it up,


"Why must you be so infuriating?" Lily whispered to the photograph. "Why must I love you the way I do?" Lily threw off her dress and shoes and changed into her pajamas. Still angry Lily falls back onto her bed still horribly mad at her boyfriend; or had she broken up with him? Lily was so confused, she eventually fell into a nightmare filled sleep.


Lily woke to the sun shining through her open window...she could've  sworn she had closed it before she went to sleep. Lily got up groggily and fumbled for her slippers. Satisfied with her Saturday morning attire she went over to her desk to check her phone. Eleven missed calls from Tre, and 35 new text messages. Lily placed her phone into her bra and went down the stairs. Her mother was already awake and watching the morning news.

"Hi mom."


"Good morning dear. Did you sleep well?"


"Aside from the nightmares just peachy." Lily replied as she took a muffin from the tray.


"Have you talked to Tre?"




"Do you plan to?"


"Haven't decided." Lily said glumly. "He's late all the time, I mean he's sweet and all and when he does show up the dates are magical. I just don't know mom, does he even take this relationship seriously?"


"Dear, I may be a therapist but even I can't answer that one." 


"Do you have to go to Collinsburrow?"


"Yes, Genevieve has shown new symptoms."


"Oh, poor dear. She's only six right?"


"Yes dear. Now; do something educational today. Don't watch Spongebob all day."


"I won't." Lily watched her mother transfer her coffee into a travel mug and kiss Lily on the head before leaving. Lily finished her breakfast and went to get dressed for the day. She wanted to go out exploring the woods outside her house. Her parents never let her out there; and since they were both gone she found this the perfect opportunity to find some inspiration for her artwork. Lily dressed in shorts, hiking books, and her favorite tank top. She tied back her blue black hair and went out, making sure her phone was in her pocket before shutting the kitchen door.


Having not been to the edge of the treeline Lily hesitated before plunging into the darkness. Although the July sun beat down on her, the forest was black as night. To anyone else that would be a sign to turn around and go back and watch cartoons. But Lily put on a brave face and entered the forest. She walked for what felt like hours until she entered a clearing that was bright with sunlight from up above. She smiled, happy that finally she had found some natural light in the dark and ominous forest that surrounded her, and the town in which she grew up. She sat on a log...suddenly very tired. Lily laid back against the tree and fell asleep. The tree gave way and her eyes flew open; she let out a scream for help as she fell back into darkness. Lily didn't know how long she had been falling but when she landed; she landed on something hard; but squishy. 


"Who are you; and how did you get in here?" Lily jumped away from whoever she had landed 


"I don't know who you are. I was sitting on a log and I fell back and here I am."


"I am Ashton, Prince of the Dark Fairy...now tell me whom you are."


"I'm Lily Campbell; aspiring artist."


"Pleased to make your acquaintance." Ashton said in the darkness. Lily felt a hand in front of her face; and she hesitated before taking it.


"I'm sorry about falling on top of you."


"No worries. I was just about to go visit my cousin. He's having human girl issues."


"What's his name?"


"Tre, well Trevor Light but he likes-"


"Tre, yea I know him. He's a jerk to. Girl issues! Seriously he's the one who's always late to his dates. Leaving me on the porch all dressed up for a magical night he's promised but does he show on time, no! I'll give him girl issues."


"You're his girlfriend? Jeez Tre, you've done an excellent job."


"Thank you...I think?"


"Its a compliment. So, do you want to stay or-"


"Do you have to go see Tre?"


"No, he's a jerk at times but he's my cousin."


"I know. So will you show me around?"


"Sure. Since your here."


"Does Tre live here?"


"No, he lives in the opposite side of town."


"Oh, so in the other half of the forest then."


"Precisely." Ashton began walking and Lily walked beside him.


"So you're Tre's cousin?"




"Why doesn't he mention you? Why haven't I met you?"


"Unlike my cousin I do not affiliate myself with humans. I stay here in the Hide Away." 


"Do you like it here?"


"For the most part. It gets lonely though."


"So, fairies exist?"


"Yes, have for millenium, humans are amoeba compared to my kind. No offense of course."


"None taken. So uh can you explain this whole Light and Dark business?"


"Sure, in the realm of Fairy its the opposite of what humans would take as good and evil. Here its not that simple. I am Dark; yes but I am good. Tre is Light, therefore-"


"He's evil. Oh God."


"Its alright. He won't hurt you."


"He's evil..."


"As I said-its not all black and white. There is a sliver of gray in this realm. We get to choose who we affiliate with. Some Fae even choose to be human."


"Really? Is that what Tre is doing?"


"Could be; I don't talk to him often. Only when he needs something."


"He sounds human already." Ashton smiled before continuing. 


"Yes, he's well different than most fae. A select few humans can choose as well. These humans are called Mates. You are a Mate."


"I can choose to be a Fae?"


"Yes. But first you must find a Fae sponsor."


"Oh, and whoever my sponsor is,"


"Is what side your on."


"You guys have a better government than most humans." Lily sighed.


"I suppose we've had the practice." Ashton said smiling.


"If I were to choose, would you be my sponsor?"






"Of course; anything to piss off my cousin." Ashton laughed, his laugh ran off the tree roots that hung above them in an intricate woven design. 


"Its beautiful here."


"I think so." 


"I really have to go home though."


"I'll take you then." Ashton offered.


"But you never leave the Hide Away."


"I make exceptions."


"Like girl issues?"


"Well yes, but you I'd actually enjoy the trip if its with you." 


The two of them, on Fairy and one Mate made the trek back up the fox hole and out of the tree. Ashton smiled as they walked through the forest, that wasn't so dark now with Ashton by Lily's side.


"What kind of Fae are you?" Lily asked, recalling the many engrossing episodes of Lost Girl she had watched religiously on SyFy. 


"I'm a Color Fae. I bring color to otherwise dark environments."


"Comes in handy in dark and creepy forests."


"I suppose so." They reached her backyard, 


"Will Tre hurt me?"


"No, he wants you. As do I in a matter of speaking...all Fae at our age have to choose a Mate." 


"Oh." Lily blushed a deep crimson before continuing. "If I have to mate with anyone I hope its someone as sensitive as you. Tre doesn't understand how hurtful it is when he continues to be late."


"I take that as a compliment." 


"Can  I call you Ash?"


"Yes, my first nickname."


"Really, I don't believe that Ash." Lily whispered. They walked a crossed the lawn and Ash left her on her back porch.


"I have to go. Well I don't want to but I don't want to be here, when Tre shows up."


"Okay." Lily turned to find Tre walking towards them; from the forest.


"Tre." Lily acknowledged.


"Lily I'm sorry."


"Save it, I've heard it all before." Tre looked over to where Ash was trying to blend in to the background.


"Ashton what are you doing here?"


"He's my friend and he has every right to be here. He's not late like most people I know." Lily had all she could do from saying 'and love'. 




"Trevor I want to break up."




"Seriously. Its obvious you don't take this relationship seriously. And blaming it on your mother is a low blow; even for a Light Fairy."


"How did you-"


"Ash told me. We dated for three years and you never mentioned your cousin, what you were, or what I was." Lily said, now angry.


"Lily I did it to protect you."


"No you didn't... you're selfish and evil; toying with a girls emotions like you did-its despicable."




"Say my name one more time and I will drop kick so fast you won't know what species you are." Lily sneered. "Now get off my property!" Tre turned and left. 


"That was a bit harsh."


"No. It wasn't." Lily whispered, instantly regretting what she had said. "It was the only way he would leave. That was the hardest thing I have ever done. I love him; but he's an insensitive jerk."


"No, he's a Light Fae, they don't have emotions like we do." Lily smiled,


"I suppose you're right. I'll see you tomorrow?"


"If you want me to come, I'll come. Just call my name."


"Right. Good bye."


"Yes goodbye Lily Campbell."

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