Dark Fairy

Lily Campbell was a regular girl until she found the secret hide away in the forest. Inside Lily meets the fairies. Ashton was the prince of the Dark fairies and he wanted Lily...and Lily wanted to go home...home where her boyfriend Tre awaited; the secret Prince of the Light.


3. Friends

Lily woke up with her window open; seriously? Lily got up and noticed a piece of paper on her desk. She recognized Tre’s handwriting and picked it up,

Dear Lily,

               I cannot express how tragically apologetic I am about the way I treated our relationship. You have to believe me when I say that I never intended to hurt you in any way. All I wanted to do was to love you, show you a glimpse of my world. I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you what I was, what you were. I’m sorry I never mentioned Ashton to you; I was worried you would like him more than you liked me. I see now that my jealousy was the cause of our relationship ending. But I want you to know sweet Liliana, that I live forever, Ashton lives forever. I will love you for as long as I will live. It would be like that story with the guy who buys the dozen roses, and tells the girl he will love her until the last one dies, without telling her that one is fake. So it will never die. I am that rose, the fake one. I love you; I’m not asking for forgiveness I just want to have a chance to explain. I understand if you never want to see me again; furthermore never to speak to me again. I can’t expect you to consider me as your sponsor if you do ever choose to become one of us. I will love you forever.

                                            ~Love Always; Prince Trevor Light of the Light Fairies’


Lily ripped the note to shreds. If he wanted to explains matters he would have to do it in person. Face to face, be a man! She grabbed some clothes and hopped into the shower. Lily tried to focus of her day with Ash, instead the note kept creeping into her train of thought. Lily couldn’t stand the water anymore and exited the shower still annoyed. She wasn’t sure what she was more annoyed about, Tre breaking into her room in the middle of the night; or the  sappy apology letter. Roses? He was was referencing a FaceTalk post. How pathetic...well it was sweet in a way. But it still didn’t excuse the fact that he hadn’t taken their relationship seriously. Lily heard the doorbell ring and she excitedly went to answer it. Hoping it was Ash; Lily opened the door quickly; instead of Ash, it was Tre.


“What do you want?”


“I want to apologize.”


“For what? Breaking into my home; or not taking the relationship we had seriously?”


“So you found the note?”


“Of course I did! It stank like your cologne!” Lily whispered angrily. “If you’ll excuse me….”


“Lily please.”


“No!” Lily said as forcefully as she could. She slammed the door and held back the tears. ‘I’m teaching him a lesson.’ Lily thought to herself. There was a knock on the kitchen door and this time Lily knew it was Ash.


“Hey!” Lily exclaimed as she opened the door. The room instantly filled with warm light. Making Lilly feel all buttery and warm inside. She forgot about her recent anger and led Ash into the living room.


“So; how are you feeling?”


“A bit better actually.” Lily had forgotten about the ‘incident’ that was yesterday afternoon. Lily hugged Ash, just to feel his warmth. It wasn’t a romantic hug; just a friendly-’I need a friend right now’ hug. “Happy to help.” Ash said as he wrapped his arms around her; intensifying the sense of warmth and comfort Lily had begun to feel.


“So,let’s start our marathon!” Lily said as she disentangled herself from Ash’s arms. Ash sat on the big leather couch as she popped in the first season. She hit ‘play’ and soon the opening theme to Friends was playing throughout the room. Without realizing it, Lily had begun to sing along,


“And I’ll be there for you, When the rain starts to pour, I’ll be there for you, like I’ve been there before.” Lily hadn’t realized until Ash started to smile as the song came to an end.


“You really like this show, don’t you?”


“Of course. Its amazing; these friends will do anything for each-other.”


“So is the first episode good?”


“Its the best.” The show began and the two were quiet. By noon they were half way through season one. “Ready for lunch?”


“Always.” Ash said standing up and helping Lily to her feet.


“I’m always surprised to remember that you’re the cousin of my insensitive, compulsive ex boyfriend.” Lily said matter of factly as she led him into the kitchen.


“Don’t you notice the family resemblance?”


“No. Not really” Lily said glancing at Ash.


“Why don’t you look at me?” It was a valid question, one that Lily thought deserved to be answered. Lily wanted to keep her heart from falling in love with another fairy. Ash was great but she’d only know him for a few weeks.


“It isn’t you at all. You’re extremely attractive; and you’re nothing like your cousin. Its just that


I’m afraid.”


“Of what?”


“Falling in love too quickly.” Lily said quietly.


“Oh, you can look at me without falling love.”


“I don’t think you understand Ash. Looking at you; each time I do I fall a little deeper. It scares me how fast I’m falling.” Lily said. “And Tre won’t leave me alone; he broke into my room and left a letter, and then moments before you showed up he was here asking for forgiveness.” Ash moved closer and took her chin in his hand.




“Never be afraid of looking at me or falling in love. I will never hurt you.” The sincerity of his statement melted the remaining fortress that was Lily’s heavily guarded heart. “As for Tre, I will handle it. I won’t let anyone hurt you.” Their faces had grown closer; so close that Lily could taste his breath. Lily looked into his eyes and was distracted briefly at their independent beauty away from Ash’s other exterior assets. They weren’t green, yet they weren’t blue either. They had specks of gold that set them apart from eyes she had seen before. They were quite literally gems. Lily had the urge suddenly to kiss him; but she knew it wouldn’t be appropriate. She had just broken up with his cousin after all. But the feeling was stronger than her morals and so, Lily closed the distance between them. As their lips met in the forbidden dance of their first kiss, Lily could feel herself falling faster than ever before into the abyss that was her love for Ashton Dark. As they kissed, their lips moved in blissful harmony; slowly at first and then as if asking permission increasing in need and desire. Lily ran her hands into Ash’s hair pulling him closer; Ash’s hands rested just underneath her sweater, resting lightly on her bare hips. Lily had never felt so warm; but so cold at the same time. She was warm with the feeling of new love; but cold at the feeling of her betrayal to her oldest friend. ‘I’m sorry Tre.’ Was the last thought of her last relationship as she committed herself fully into the kiss.




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