Dark Fairy

Lily Campbell was a regular girl until she found the secret hide away in the forest. Inside Lily meets the fairies. Ashton was the prince of the Dark fairies and he wanted Lily...and Lily wanted to go home...home where her boyfriend Tre awaited; the secret Prince of the Light.


4. Chosen

Chapter Four: Chosen


The kiss ended in the usual post first kiss awkwardness that most teenagers experience. Lily turned quickly away her guilt overwhelming her, Ash well Ash enjoyed the kiss immensely but he also understood why Lily had reacted the way she did. She had after-all just broken up with his cousin; and had been called a ‘neskirth’ by a teacher. Now she has kissed another fairy; a fairy from the different race.

“Lily, I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“Making you uncomfortable, if you want me to-”

“Leave? No, no I liked the kiss, I like kissing in general. Its just that I feel so-”


“Yes. I started the kiss; I’m the one who should be saying sorry, after all who would want to kiss their cousin’s ex girlfriend?”

“Me.” Ash said quietly.

“Ash-” A knock interrupted what she had been previously trying to say. Lily excused herself and went towards the door. She opened the door and found to her dismay Sophia and Liz waiting expectantly. “Hey girls.”

“Hey Lily. So what you up to?” Liz asked as she stepped into the home. “Oh, Friends, one blanket, two cups, and one popcorn bowl. Are you on a date?”

“I wouldn’t-” Lily looked up to see Ash step from the kitchen into the hallway. “Well yes it is a date…”

“Oh! Good someone we both approve!” Lily looked confused as she eyed her friends. Lily had a sudden urge to ask her best friends if they were fairies. It was absurd; she’d known them since preschool but the thought occurred and it wouldn’t go away. She decided to ask them in fairy; she had picked up a few phrases from Ash.

“Dante nos vae?” Lily asked. It roughly translated into ‘Are you fae?’ The two girls looked at her for a moment and then at Ash who simply nodded.

“Yes, we are fae.” Sophia said slowly. “How did you know to ask us?”

“I don’t know. So what brings you here?”

“Tre, his mother is pissed because the Mate broke up with him and now she’s angry at him. Tre is well; he’s acting out.”

“What do you mean acting out?”

“He’s causing as much havoc as faely possible.”

“So you’re standing here and not out there stopping him because?”

“Because your mother sent us here to get you. You have to bring Lily back to the Hide Away. Lizabeth is going to deal with Tre alone.”

“Trevor Light is going to feel pain.” Lizabeth said quietly before ducking out the door. Lily exchanged a worried glance with Ash before he addressed Sophia.

“Do you know why my aunt wanted Tre to mate with Lily so badly?”

“She’s the prophesied Mate.” Sophia said. “The Queen of the Light wanted her to be on their side when the civil war commenced.”


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