Make It Or Break It

Amy rose is a high school girl, but not any high school girl. Amie's parents died in a tragic car accident when she thought her life couldn't get any worse her brother jackson died in the marines. She now lives in Utah Texas with her aunt margerette. She thinks the only way to get the feeling out of her is to cut run away. Amy runs away every night to clear her head, one night she is kid napped and is saved by a mistery guy who she thinks she will never see again.


3. the lifes that were lost

I ran downstairs to a pollice officer to ask what had happened. He said "mam why are u here?" "I live here" I said a little confused. "Mam a shooting scene took place here last night, do u know who might have done it?" He asked questionably "no I dont know anyone who would do that." I said shocked. What if someone got hurt, or even killed! "May I talk to your legal gaurdian?" The officer asked . "Ummm shes out of town." "Ok then you need to go to a friends or some relative, your house needs to be searched for evedince, and we will need you at the station to ask you a few questions." He spoke calmly "oh ok, um may I ask , how many people were shot or wounded?" I asked a little to nervous "3 people were shot , and about 7 were wounded. " he said "oh my gosh! May i have the names please?" " yeah uh they were chad lancaster dillan hutson and katie menon." "Oh my what about their parents and their friends and-" "you need some rest go to a friends we will give you the news in a couple weeks." He cut me off. "Ok." I calmed down and called samantha. She didn't answer I texted her 'going to your house, explain when i get there. ' I get a text, not from samantha or any of my friends, its a unknown text. It says 'well lookslike were having a sleep over cant wait! -Unknown ;).

"What the ?" 

Another text ' ohdon't benscared the worst that could happen is something bad may happen to your friend, nothing to worry about have fun finding me kisses -unknown 

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