Make It Or Break It

Amy rose is a high school girl, but not any high school girl. Amie's parents died in a tragic car accident when she thought her life couldn't get any worse her brother jackson died in the marines. She now lives in Utah Texas with her aunt margerette. She thinks the only way to get the feeling out of her is to cut run away. Amy runs away every night to clear her head, one night she is kid napped and is saved by a mistery guy who she thinks she will never see again.


2. memories I wish I could forget

"OMG!!!" I couldn't beleive they all did this for me! I walked in to see 'the life of the party', it turns out that the life of the party is about the whole entire school! I remembered when my parents said we would only able to invite up to 12 people, the more people I saw the more I thought about it until, I broke down, right their right then, crying my eyes out . Someone ran over to me and picked me up, he ran me up the stairs and into my bedroom. "Hey what the heck!"I screamed in aharsh tone. "Hey, take it easy, if it weren't for me you would still be crying your eyes out infront of everyone." He said in a voice almost heroic voice. "Fine" "my name is jesse." He held out his hand, I shook it . "My name is  Amy." I smiled and intertwined my fingers with my hair. "Nice to meet you 'Amy." I nodded in a way that said  you to. All I remember that night is falling asleep in jesse's arms,I felt peaceful and for once in a long while I had a good sleep. I woke up the next morning to see the house filled with police tape, what happened?









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