Make It Or Break It

Amy rose is a high school girl, but not any high school girl. Amie's parents died in a tragic car accident when she thought her life couldn't get any worse her brother jackson died in the marines. She now lives in Utah Texas with her aunt margerette. She thinks the only way to get the feeling out of her is to cut run away. Amy runs away every night to clear her head, one night she is kid napped and is saved by a mistery guy who she thinks she will never see again.


1. How it all happened


No ones POV.


It all happened to quickly I didn't know what to do I got a call from the police that evening saying my parents were in a terrible accident, I asked to see them but he said it was to late. I threw my phone across he room and started bawling into my pillow, I cried myself to sleep that night. My brother was there to confort me, he said he needed to go on a trip for his new job as a marine. He left for a month. He texted me sayimg he would be home in a week or so, thats when I got the call. It was the head general Mr.Ederson.He said my brother was on the ship during an attack and pased out when the boat sank, he had drowned on the ship. I felt like my whole world was crashing down, but I thought he died doing something he loved.                                




Amie's POV.

A couple months have passed and im getting to feel a little better, I now live with my aunt margerette she isn't very helpful though, all she ever does is cry every day talking about how she misses my mom. School is okay, my friends are helping me get through this so its been a little easier. Im not the popular girl in school, but im not the loser in school either I find my friends in the hallway. "Hey guys!" I technically yelled. "Omg! Hey Amy, how are you doing?" Clara asked. "Im doing better, not one of my best days but im good." I said in a  almost shy voice. "Well maybe we can cheer you up."  She said in a convincing way. "Um and how are you gonna do that?" I questioned. "Lets just say we all have a place we love and we can hang out and stuff." Samanthasmirked. "Okay im trusting you guys so it better be good." I said in a trusting tone. "Eeeeekkkk!" They all screamed. Btw my friends are Samantha, Carly, Mackenzie, and Jessica. "Okay close your eyes!" They demanded in a girly suprise way. (If thats even a way or tone of saying something.) I closed my eyes and they blind folded me. I heard one of the girls nock on the door. I heard a boy answer and then they started to wisper, I tried my hardest to hear what they were saying but I couldn't. The next thing I know I am being walked up some stares, and here a lot of people running around until......   "SUPRISE!!!!! " OMG I forgot my own Birthday! I wanted  to burst into tears of happiness and sadness, I wish my parents were here to see me turn 16.








Omg hey guys I hope I get some views, how do you guit, sad mad, happy, expressionless, what? Well I will be wrighting more maybe tomorrow, I might just wright one more  tonight we will see. I would like to get lots of views and comments and likes, I would also like to get this on one of the top 3 lists, well thats all for this chapter, stay beautiful ;).

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