Christina And Jack

Christina Jackson is a depressed teenager of 16 years. Holding a job at the local library, her only escape from the constant bullying is books. However, when Jack Marshall, the new boy in town, visits the library for the the first time, she finally finds a reason to break free.


1. Christina

I think it's safe for me to say that my whole life is taken up by books. Even at school, I'm thinking of the books I've read and those I haven't. When I can, I surround myself with the amazing stories that suck me out of my own world and into one filled with heroines and heroes. 

At the age of thirteen, I volunteered at my local library. Mum told me that ever since I could read, I haven't stopped so therefore I think it's only fitting that my work place be a library. I only volunteered there for approximately a year before they hired me. One of the elder librarians passed away and they needed a replacement.

The library also gives me escape from other things as well. When I first began high school, I found myself the target of bullying. The ringleader was a guy named Jason, one year older than me. It started out as little things such as name calling and a little shoving around. I originally thought he was flirting with me and went along with it. Then it got even worse and I realised my terrible mistake. Soon I was being slammed into walls, tripped over and constantly harassed. I couldn't eat in the caffateria after they began making a habit of throwing food at me all the time. I thought I could stand it and tricked myself into believing it. Soon, my grades began to drop and I couldn't focus on my work properly. I wouldn't eat sometimes because of the name calling.

One night I couldn't handle it anymore and I found myself in the bathroom, razor in hand. I wanted to end my life in a way that would make them feel guilty for what they'd done and cutting my wrists seemed like a pretty good way to go. I remember staring at myself in the mirror as I made the first cut. 

Obviously I didn't die though.I later realised that I hadn't bothered cutting a vein which was my goal. Instead, I now find myself in a circle of self-harm addiction where I have trouble going a day without pressing the blade to my arm. My parents don’t know and nor do my "friends" at school. It’s my issue and my responsibility. Besides, what happens when I do stop? I may become suicidal again and though life gets tough, I don’t want to die. I want to show them that I can live no matter what they do to me. I may give in partly to the bullying, but I promise myself that I will never give in completely by committing suicide.


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