Niall's little sister

17 year old Isabella a.k.a bells or Bella Horan has a crush on Harry ...what will Niall have to say bout it? Will HARRY like her back?


14. chapter 9

Short A/N: sorry you guys that I haven't been updating I'm soo sorry I've been busy copying photos from my phone so I can make my yearbook of me and my friends.(I'm doing the updates on my phone)

To the story:

Harry's pov:

When we got to the store Niall ran off so we just let him be. So by the time we finished shopping for food we had like 6 carts full of everything

What ya thinkin bout mate ? His Irish accent hard to miss. I turn and see him eating grapes while we're in line waiting. Seriously Niall your eating grapes now ! Yea I'm hungry. Niall let's be honest your always hungry. He then walked away to see what Louis was doing.

*at the house*

Niall's pov: I can't wait to see how the house looks. She probably did an amazing job. Especially when the choreographer gets there. She's suppose to come at 11:30am and it's now 10:45. So yeah! We got to the house and it jus looked perfectly amazing. We got inside and Harry tells her bout the prizes for our contest then the door man was already setting up the post for both of them.

Aye bells do they know about the shades and stuff? Yea why ? Just wondering . Then she walked out the door to go get the prizes. While she was out we started setting up the food in the dining room and the kitchen. Then we put up the " ᎯℙℙᎽ 18 ℬℐℛℋⅅᎯᎽ ℬℰℒℒЅ 😘" sign. Then I went up stairs to see if her present was still in the very far back corner of my closet , and it was. I got her 2 presents; I got her the horse and a pandora bracelet and some charms to go with it. I hope she likes it.

Bells pov: I get to Walmart and I goto the back where the electronics are. While I'm walking I'm on the apple store seeing where my deliveries are. They should be at the house by the time I get home. So when I get to the back I see a wii u. I walk over and ask her if I can get like 3 of them. She opens the glass and grabs 3 of the wii u's . So then I put it in the cart , then cross it off my list. So I walk over to the iPhone cases and things like that for me self. I get the blue life proof case that fits the iPhone 5c. Then it walk to the counter and put everything on it. The lady handed me my bags I walked out to my car and put it in my trunk. After that I went to michaels. Do y'all happen to know where the loom set kit is? I asked the lady that looked like she was in her mid 20's. Aisle 4 ma'am. Thank you so much. So I walked until I found aisle 4. I walked over and picked up 10 of those and the one where you can separate the colors and stuff. So I was done with that. Then I walked and walked a little more to waste time and look for more stuff. Then when I was finally done I walked to the check out line and paid for all the stuff. So I grabbed by bags thanked the lady and walked out. I got everything in the trunk and then went home.

*at the house*

When I got in the drive way right behind me was the UPS guy with my iPods and iPhones and iPads and the mini's. I signed the paperwork and got my 4 boxes. I thanked him and then went in the house ran up stairs put the boxes on my bed, then ran back down stairs went out side grabbed the bags closed the trunk lock the doors ran in the house locked the door and ran back upstairs. Then I looked at the time and it said 11:30am. That means my dancers and choreographer are gonna be here soon.

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