Niall's little sister

17 year old Isabella a.k.a bells or Bella Horan has a crush on Harry ...what will Niall have to say bout it? Will HARRY like her back?


13. chapter 8

*next day*

Bells pov:

I woke up to Niall asking about food which was really funny to wake up , but I also woke up to the most amazing guy next to me. Yes today is my birthday but I'm trying not to make it a big deal about it. So I got up took a quick shower . When I got out the shower Harry wasn't there. So I walked to my closet and got a "nerd" crop top and some faded blackish grayish whiteish apple bottom jeans. I put on the same make-up as usual. The I put on some black vans. I ran down stairs said hey to everyone and grabbed an apple. I still have 20 minutes before the bus comes so I plopped on the couch and watched some spongebob. Shows how mature I am😉 so when Niall came down stairs he sat next to me on the couch.

"I'm sorry bells I know that wasn't right for what I did. Then I looked at him and smiled... By the way bells your not riding the bus since today is your birthday(yea she has a car but she also likes riding the bus). By the way again HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He yelled as loud as he could. Then all the boys came out and said bells today's your birthday!

Yea kinda I said throwing the apple away. Oh my globs bell why didn't you tell me! Harry said with his messy looking curls. He picked me up and spun me around. Happy birthday babe he said while finally putting me down.

Hey you guys we gotta have a big party. Bells your gonna be late for school cause we bout to make invitations and we're staring in it ... Invite anyone I don't care who! Louis said.

So I ran up stairs and grabbed my printer and my laptop. I hooked my printer to the laptop. I got on PowerPoint and started making really amazing invitations. (Btw they have a mansion) I made like probably over 200 invitations but was only inviting like probably 100 maybe. I ran over to Louis and showed him the invitations and he liked them... So then they made me go change into a gorgeous dress Zayn brought me. The Liam brought me a tiara so I put that on. Then they rented me a FREAKING HUMMER LIMO!!!! We got to school when we had our free period(it's still morning they have 2 free periods) I saw everyone go wide eyed then cherry came up to me and I handed her a invitation and she squealed. Everyone soon gathered me. So they all went into the auditorium. I handed the people I wanted to come invitations. By the way every invitation had 1D glasses signed by them all. So at the party they have to bring they're shades to the front when they come and we check them.(there's a certain type of way they wrote so it would stand out from store brought shades)

I stayed at school up until 4 period. The only reason why was because I had to set up and call people because the boys went to they're manager to talk to him. After they're done with that they're going to the store to get food. Knowing Niall he might buy the whole damn store.

So while I was at home getting my door people and telling them how the shades would look between store brought and the real ones. Then I called the DJ so music goes right. After that I called my decorator so we both can decorate the mansion on how it's suppose to look since my letting people wear multiple colors this year.

Then the boys came back with so much shit. They had so much food though and I know it was all Niall who did the food. Most of it is for they're doggie bag or whatever you wanna call it when people leave and get a bag with a whole bunch of shit in it. Well then since all this is done when are you gonna get the prizes for the contest you want. Harry said. Shit I forgot bout that. He handed me the keys and I ran to the car and was off to Michael's , Walmart, and some other places cause these prizes are gonna be big shit! Also expensive.

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