Niall's little sister

17 year old Isabella a.k.a bells or Bella Horan has a crush on Harry ...what will Niall have to say bout it? Will HARRY like her back?


6. chapter 4

Niall's pov:

Well she got up too early for me to talk to her. As y'all know I'm not a morning person. So I ran down stairs and stood in the door way. I watched as my baby sister drove out the driveway. I just can't believe she growing up so fast. She then saw me and honked her horn. I waved and smiled. Then she drove off so airport high.(remember that airport is a school because I'm gonna leave out high a lot.)

Harry's pov:

The boys and I can't wait to see Niall. It's been like a week since we last seen him. I most definitely can't wait to see bells. Last time I seen her is when she had braces. That was like 7 years ago. Her birthday is tomorrow, so I gotta get her something really special. The boys and I have to talk about what we're going to get her so we don't get her the same thing.

Bells pov:

When I got to the school I seen cherry run up to me."hey bells I got a question?" Sure what is it!? "Ok so do u wanna skip 5th period and get our belly buttons pierced!" Sure that would be fun.

*skip half the whole day*

Bells pov:

Once 5th period came I went to my car waiting on cherry. Then she finally came out with some of her stuff. She got in the passenger seat. Buckle up cause this car goes faster than you think it does cherry. So she put on her seatbelt and I drove off. We got to the mall and went to Claire's. I sat in the chair that was in front of the store. I was going first since Cher was getting scared. I took my shirt off and handed it to cherry. I lost my 4 pack because I've been lazy a lot. So I gained like probably 6 pounds. I really don't care. I mean I have a little roll on my stomach. So anyway, then the lady got the piercing I wanted and then these boys walked by talking and looking at me. They came into Claire's and watched me get my belly button pierced. It didn't hurt at all it's just a pinch. The lady told me not to wear shirts that cover it up so I waited on cherry and we went to get some crop tops.. I still wanna know why those boys came in there and watched us get our piercings and then left. Later when we got like a whole bunch of crop tops we seen those 4 boys again.. Wait is that Harry ? To see if that was Harry I yelled his name "HARRY!!" He then turned around and walked up to me. "Hey beautiful" Harry is that you. "And who wants to know" then he smiled his dazzling smile showing his pearly white teeth. Harry it's me bells(now remind you bells looks like the girl on the cover photo for this book) "bells is that really you?" He looked at me with the biggest grin every. "I told you that was her!" Zayn yelled with all the boys walking up to us. "Wow Zayn looks so hot" cherry whispered to me. "OH MY GOD BELLS I CANT BELIEVE ITS YOU I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!" Harry yelled while twirling me around. He then put me down. Guys this is Cher well cherry to me. Cherry this is Harry , Zayn, Louis, and Liam. "Hey" they all said at once. I dragged Zayn to the side. Hey Cher likes you so be nice. "Okk" then we all split up Harry and I went together, Zayn took cherry, and Louis and Liam went together .

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