Niall's little sister

17 year old Isabella a.k.a bells or Bella Horan has a crush on Harry ...what will Niall have to say bout it? Will HARRY like her back?


5. chapter 3

Bells pov:

When I got home it was like 7:00pm so I got in the shower. The water running down my body felt so relaxing. After I got out the shower I put my hair in a messy bun. I wrapped the towel around me n walked into my closet. I put on some spandex short n a infinity shirt. When I was finally done it was 7:50pm so I walked down stairs n got some food. After I was done eating I went to check on Niall even though he's older than me I still wanted to check on him. I walked in his room n he was sitting there playing Black Opps Ghost. He paused the game."hey what's up bells?" Oh nothing jus wanted to see if you were okay! "Yea I'm fine just another day of me" he gave me one of his dazzling smiles that I loved to see on his face. Well I'm gonna go lay down I'll see you in the morning. "Okay bells night"

Niall's pov:

I love little bells to death she is the only one who can make me smile. Her birthday is in 2 days and I still don't know what to get her. We have a 3 story house , she has a big ass room the way she wanted. I can see why she doesn't want anything from us for her birthday. I wanna get her something I really do , but she can't know. I think I'm gonna get her a horse . A Snow White horse. When she was little she said she always wanted a horse n name it snowball. Isabella is my life.

Bells pov:

I know something was up with Niall . I jus know it. I'll find out in the morning right now I'm going to sleep

*the next day*

Bells pov:

I woke up at 6:50am so I can get ready. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and put on some light make-up. Today I curled my hair n left it that way. By the time I was done it was 7:03am I walked in my closet and got some ripped high waist shorts and a Marilyn Monroe shirt and my "OBEY" SnapBack. I ran downstairs took two pieces of toast and walked out the door with my bookbag on my shoulder. While I walked down the drive way to my car I texted Niall.

Me: aye I'm going to school I woke up early so I'll see you when I get home -little bells

Nialler: okay, and btw the boys are going over today so be prepared to get hugged to death :p - bigbroniall

Me: okk -little bells

As I finished texting him I started the car and backed out of the drive way. As I got out I seen Niall in the door so I honked my horn. He smiled and waved. I left off to goto school to see my best friend cherry.

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