Niall's little sister

17 year old Isabella a.k.a bells or Bella Horan has a crush on Harry ...what will Niall have to say bout it? Will HARRY like her back?


39. chapter 25



Harry's pov:


I wonder what I did wrong she just started crying for no reason. hmmm?? maybe she'll tell me at dinner tonight.


Isabella's pov:




When Harry came downstairs I had stopped crying a minute ago.. Luckly my make-up is water proof... On in my case crying proof. Anyway we left to go to dinner. I didn't know where he was taking me, but on the way there it was really quiet. No one spoke a word, atleast not until Harry cleared his throat. "So umm what you thinking bout"? said Harry.


Nothing really.. I lied. I was thinking about how I was gonna tell him about my parents. Maybe I'll tell him tonight after we goto bed. "we're here" he said. I took my seatbelt off and I got out the car.   A/N~ sorry guys its 10;39pm and I haven't ate since the other night so I'm gonna go eat then start the new book

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