Niall's little sister

17 year old Isabella a.k.a bells or Bella Horan has a crush on Harry ...what will Niall have to say bout it? Will HARRY like her back?


37. chapter 24



Harry's pov:




We were getting dressed to get ready to go. I put on a suit and my tie. I got really frustrated cause no one really taught me how to tie a tie. Oh come here grumpy pants!! Isabella said from the other side of the room. She walked over to me and tied my tie. You seriously don't know how to tie a tie. I always loved tying ties. My mom taught me then I always tied my dads ties before he went to work.



I saw a tear slip out her eye. I wiped it away with the pad of my thumb. Hey, hey, hey don't cry babe. It's okay it will be okay please don't cry. She finished tying my tie I'm sorry and then she walked out the door. I groaned and raked through my curls.



Isabella's pov:



while I was curling my hair I saw Harry having the toughest time tying his tie. I let my last curl out and unplugged the curling iron. Oh come here grumpy pants!! I helped him tie his tie and then I started thinking bout mom and dad. I let a tear slip out my eye. Harry wiped it away. I finished tying his tie and walked out. I started crying. I bumped into Niall what's wrong. Nothing I was just helping Harry tie his tie.


Ohhh that's why your crying. I know it's hard but, you gotta tell Harry sometime about what happen. I just want you to be happy. Hey how bout this tomorrow after school we tell the boys what happen then we go to the mall to get you some more of the belly things. They're called belly button rings I chuckled. Yea them. Then we get all your friends and have a sleepover. Eh I'm really not in the mood to have them over.


Then Harry walked out the room. I forgot we were still in the middle of the hallway. Hey Harry! Niall said. Hey mate, can I steal her for a while? Of course I was just talking to her for a while. Then he started walking back down stairs. Hold on let me grab my purse and phone and I'll be right down okay babe. Harry started walking down stairs. I ran into my room went into my closet and grabbed this medium sized black box.



Zayn's pov: we were in the game room playing fifa(cant remember if that's how you spell it sowey) Oy!! Liam punched me in the arm. Aye mate what was that for. Cause I felt like it you asshole. I got a text from Niall . So I paused the game. Oy unpause the damn game so I can kick your ass. Hold on damnit!!


Meet me in the family room I need to talk to you guys! ~ fifaking

sure no problem ~ Mr. Amazayn


A/N~ hey you guys sowey it took me so long to update... my legs and arms have been really sore... come on I need some more girlfriends for Zayn and Liam.

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