Niall's little sister

17 year old Isabella a.k.a bells or Bella Horan has a crush on Harry ...what will Niall have to say bout it? Will HARRY like her back?


35. chapter 23



Isabella's pov:



After I got out of the shower; I wrapped my hair up in the towel. I put on my undergarments them my Chevron peach and white dress. I unwrapped the towel and started messing with my hair. It got really curly, I groaned loudly ughhh I hate my hair. I heard a chuckle through the door, your hair is perfectly fine Bella. I scoffed and spritzed it will some hair spray so it can stay the way it is. I put on mascara and some eye liner.


I walked out the bathroom and saw harry brushing his hair. He had on a black shirt, some white jeans and some black converse. Then when he finished brushing his hair and put on this black and white beanie. Boy can he rock the things he put on, I think he can put on a trash bag and he would look soo fucking sexy. Isabella!! i snapped out of my thoughts.


Huh! Stare much? Oh uh I was just uh thinking that's all. Yea sure you were he smirked and walked out the door. I grabbed my phone and texted Cher, Olivia and Chloe in a group message.

I- isabella



CC- Cher


I: Hey you guys y'all wanna meet me at the mall in 10

C- Yea sure I'll be there

CC- Where do you want to meet at

O- How bout the food court

O- Btw who is the other person on here?

CC- Oh I'm sorry Isabella doesn't have any manners! I'm Cher Bells best friend I can't wait to meet you guys at the food court Bella has told me so much about you guys.

O- Oh well I'm Olivia, Niall's girlfriend!

C- And I'm Chloe, Liam's girlfriend..

CC- Nice to meet you guys over IM.. See you at the food court in 10.

I- See you guys then, and Chloe and Liv I'll see you guys when i come down stairs.

O- Lol see you then

C- ^ what she said!

CC- well bye guys

everyone- bye(they all typed it at once)


Well I got down stairs and Liv an Chloe were laughing then they saw me. "Nice manners" they said in unsion(forgot how to spell it sorry). I started laughing hahaha. very funny guys while I grabbed my keys off the counter. They got up and put their shoes on. I opened the door "aye Niall me and the girls are going to the mall!!" Okay love you! Then another one came and another one, all from Liam and Harry. We started laughing. Then we all said "love you too" in unsion.



While we were walking I got a text on my phone.


Don't forget 5:30 tonight ~harry xx


I laughed at the text and put my phone back in my back pocket. We turned the corner, and Olivia said something. " Hey guys do you think Niall really loves me"? My eyes went wide like the size of golf balls. Olivia I'm very sure my brother loves you with all his heart. I see the way he looks at you when he sees you, his eyes light up all the time when he sees you my brother loves you very, very much...


Chloe what do you think? I think he loves you too Liv you gotta trust us he loves you. She sighed in relieve; Once we got to the front of the mall I grabbed my phone to see what time it was. The time said 3:30pm okay I have 2 hours before our date. We started walking to the food court. I saw Cher flirting with the waiter as usual. Cher was always a big flirt. 


We sat down in front of her and then the waiter asked what we would like to drink. I chose a long island ice tea yes I need it right now. Olivia got the same and Chloe a Pina Colada. I think Cher had a Margarita. I introduced Olivia and Chloe to Cher. We talked for a while catching up and stuff.


Hey guy do you think I should dye my hair back to brown and get light brown and blonde highlights. ( Don't forget that Isabella is the girl in the cover of the book) I think it would actually get really, really good on you! Chloe said. Well thanks that's really sweet. 



Hello my lovies!!! I felt like updating. I'm getting really better now. I have for days until volleyball camp. Don't worry you guys it's a overnight camp. Well I'll update tomorrow, Most likely I will. I love you guys. Please comment I don't get any comments anymore you guys!! -_- ^o^ ^_^

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