Niall's little sister

17 year old Isabella a.k.a bells or Bella Horan has a crush on Harry ...what will Niall have to say bout it? Will HARRY like her back?


32. chapter 21

Harry's pov:




Hmmmmm Louis I want you to kiss the cutest person here. He looked around and then walked somewhere. He was walking toward Isabella. I hope he was going to kiss Niall I seriously do. Then he kissed her, I was so pissed off right now why the fuck did I say that. I was watching everyone went wide-eyed. She didn't kiss back then once he kept kissing her I yanked him off. What the fuck bro. What you said kiss the cutest person in here and we all know the reasons why she cut and smashed out her mirror She thought she was ugly.



Didn't you hear her screaming that while she was smashing the mirror out! So I wanted her to real beautiful. If you didn't want me kissing her then you should've never dared me to do it. Then Bells ran up stairs and slammed her door. I heard her lock the door. we all looked at each other and ran up the stairs



Bella's pov:



When Harry and Louis started arguing I couldn't take it so I ran upstairs grabbed the blade. I cant believe I'm breaking this promise. I cut all the way up my arm and just let it bleed. I tore off the bandages and cut all the way up that arm again to I just let the blood drip down my arm and on to the floor. I started smashing out every mirror I had. the boys were using all their strength to get in but they forgot that the new door is extremely hard to get into. I smashed every last mirror I had. Then I was done blood was still dripping down my arms.



I Opened my window and jumped out. I knew the front door was still open so I went to the front and the girls were still down there. they saw me " aye guys shes---" Olivia started but but I cut her off by covering her mouth shhhhh shut the the fuck up I whisper yelled. Now go get the stuff they wrapped my arm up with.




Olivia and Chloe were running around like there was fire on there asses. then they came back. They wiped my arms down the dried it. Then Chloe wrapped one arm up and Olivia wrapped the other one up. Then I put my favorite hoodie on. It was a black hoodie that said have a nice day with a middle finger on it like a mickey mouse hand...




Soon the boys got in. She's not in here!! they yelled . I wonder if they saw the blood I seriously hope not. You guys can't tell them what I did Promise me please you guys. We promise I took each of their pinky's and we promised. they soon all ran down stairs. They all went wide-eyed. Hey guys what you doing. Isabella Marie Horan you know you scared the fucking shit out of us Harry said. SHUT THE FUCK UP HARRY!! You haven't even said you love me yet!! So why the fuck do you care!



He looked sad then I started talking to the girls again. I saw a tear slip out his eye from the corner of my eye. Then he walked upstairs. Harry wait. He just kept walking and went in his room and closed the door. I ran after him. I walked in and he was crying his eyes out. Harry I'm sorry I didn't mean it. The hoodie was really big on me like extremely big.


I put both arms in the hoodie and started unwrapping what the girls did for me. Harry please talk to me. I was finally done unwrapping both of them and put the stuff in my back pockets. Harry look at me. He looked up at me with his red puffy eyes. I pulled the hoodie off slowly. Once I got the hoodie off I put it on his desk. I turned my arms to where he can see what I did. He instantly got up off the bed. Babe why, why did you do it. I knew it was something with you. I'm ugly that's why.



Babe your not ugly how many times do I have to tell you this stop saying that. It's true and you know it's true everyone know its true. . NO STOP FUCKING SAYING THAT LOOK GOTDAMN IT I FUCKING LOVE YOU TOO MUCH TO SEE YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF!!! Y-you what. I love you Isabella.  I love you too Harry.



I've been wanting to say it but I never knew how and when. Especially with all this going on. Harry I'm really sorry for what I said I didn't mean to hurt you. It's okay babe I understand completely. I know you have been wanting me to say it but I have to admit I was completely scared.  WOW my Harry Edward Styles was scared to tell me he loves me.




Yes I was okay don't judge. I'm not I'm just surprised that you were scared.  Come on lets go to bed babe. Okay, I love you babe. I love you too. I took off my pants and put my hoodie back on. It stopped down to my that's how big it was. I got in the bed with Harry. Once I got under the covers Harry pulled me close to his chest. I started copying over his tattoos. He kissed my forehead, I love you Isabella. I love you too. Soon I fell asleep wrapped in Harry's arms.



hello my lovies!!! is this long enough for you. I would to see what you think about the book!! ^o^ Like seriously I put my heart and time into this book -_- and no ones saying anything about it! -_- should I end the book cause I'll end it..

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