Niall's little sister

17 year old Isabella a.k.a bells or Bella Horan has a crush on Harry ...what will Niall have to say bout it? Will HARRY like her back?


29. chapter 18

* at the hospital*



Harry's pov:



I cant believe what I've done I tried telling them that it wasn't my fault I'm so serious I was forced to do it . that girl was strong. Yeah it may seem the other way around but that not how it was. They wouldn't let me explain.. When we got to the hospital they took my baby away and stitched the side of my head up from when Niall bashed my head against the wall so many times. We were all in the waiting in the waiting room I was pacing back and worth. Would you sit the fuck down Harry ! you shouldn't be the one pacing back and worth!! Niall said. Look could you guys let me explain what happened. It's really not how it seems just please no one would let me explain earlier. He's right Niall we didn't give him a chance to say his side of the story, you just started bashing his face in. Liam said softly. Okay so what happen? I was going to the mall again to get Bells a real birthday present. So I took the shortcut like we usually do. While I was walking this girl came up to me and started touching on me. So she heard footsteps and starting kissing me because she thought it was her ex following her. she had a hard grip on my face. Then when she said my name my heart sunk I then pushed the girl off of me. She started running and I called her name started chasing her back to the house but she was far gone. Then that's when everything at the house happened. They all looked at me with sympathy. Then I turned to Niall and he had guilt in his eyes. Harry.. I'm so sorry I didn't know I should've asked you before I hurt you. It's fine Niall, its not the first time it happened to me. Then he got up and hugged me. I was shocked at first but then I hugged back.. Excuse are you Niall Horan the doctor asked. Yes that's me he said. Isabella is awake now you guys can go see her. Okay thank you doctor. Niall can you tell her what happen I think I'll break down if I tell her. Okay bro, are you guys going to wait out here? Yea we're going to wait for you to come back.


Isabella's pov:


I was channel surfing when the door opened. I looked over to see who it was. I saw his baby blue eyes pop from behind the door. Hey, how you feeling? I've been better I chuckled out. He looked at my bandaged arm. I saw a tear slip out his eye. Please promise me you won't do that any more Bells I don't wanna loose you. We already lost mom and dad I can't loose you either I'll loose it if I loose you your my baby sister. By this point he was balling his eyes out. I got up slowly and walked over to him and wiped his tears away. You shouldn't be out of the bed. Shut up Niall I chuckled. So did Niall.


Isabella Marie(I forgot which way I spelled it in the last chapter so yea) Horan you need to know something seriously important. Then the doctor came in. Missy your suppose to be laying down now lets get you back in this bed. I groaned and Niall walked over and help the doctor put me back in the bed. My hand was also bandaged up because when I was punching the mirror out. After they got me back in the bed the doctor checked my vitals and stuff. Then she left. Niall why am I so ugly. I can't even keep a fiancé. About that look Harry didn't cheat he told us the whole story while you were sleeping. Please listen the girl thought you were her ex so se forcefully started kissing him to get rid of the ex. Why am I so stupid I can't believe I said that stuff to him in the bathroom. I started smacking on my head. Niall got up and stopped me. I'll be right back ok bells.


Harry's pov:



While we were waiting on Niall to come get us those two girls came again. We still don't know who they are?! Hey who are you guys?? I asked nicely. They looked at Liam he nodded his head. I'm Chloe the girl with different shades a blew hair. I'm Liam's girlfriend.. I looked at Liam and smirked at him. I looked at the other girl. I'm Olivia Niall's girlfriend. Then seconds later Niall came out and told me to come with him. He saw the girls and waved at them. They waved back. We passed several rooms. 609.. 610.. 611.. 612.. 613.. 614.. 615.. then he stopped in front of room 616. So this is her room I whispered. He nodded his head slowly.  I Then looked at the door I took in a deep breath . I walked in the room , looked like she was channel surfing. I guess she saw me and stopped changing channels and looks at me. Hey I manage to choke out. She smiled at me. I guess Niall did tell her what I said. I looked over and saw her bandages hand and arm. Ten because she was on suicide watch the cop got up and walked out to give us our privacy. She sat up some o she could see me. you were always short I chuckled. she laughed a little. then she looked at me with guilt in her eyes. Is it true? she asked. My smile then faded yes , Baby I would never hurt you I swear!! Why would I cheat on you right after I asked you to marry me, yea some jackass would do that but in not that jackass. She then grabbed the remote and pressed a red button. Soon later a nurse came in. This damn thing won't stop beeping and she lifted up her arm where the IV thingy was. I just laughed at her. when she was done fixing it the nurse left out. She grabbed the TV remote and turned to VH1 they were playing music videos. Then Luke Bryan Play it again came on. she started singing alone to him. She was amazing I never heard her sing before. This was actually the first time I heard her sing. Then I clapped and she started blushing. Can you bring the rest of the guys in here I wanna see them. Sure no problem soon as I was bout to get up she yanked me towards her. She started kissing me I was confused but I kissed back. The kiss lasted for 5 wonderful seconds. Are those girls here too, if so who are they. Oh them the blue headed girl is Chloe Liam's girlfriend and the brunette is... Is who she said . Guess. I don't know , boy you better stop playing wit-- Ohhhh Niall's girlfriends... DING DING DING we have a winner what would you like to have ma'am. I want the curly headed boy she laughed. Sorry ma'am he's off limits I managed to laugh out. Just go get them. Okay be right back. I pushed the door open and I heard a thud. They all started running. You guys our already caught so you mise well turn around and get your asses in here. I heard Bella laughing in the background laughing.



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