Niall's little sister

17 year old Isabella a.k.a bells or Bella Horan has a crush on Harry ...what will Niall have to say bout it? Will HARRY like her back?


25. chapter 16

Otay before I start I just wanna thank the people for commenting on here... ummm I have another character but I still need some more information from her to get it.



Niall's pov:



I can't believe he just said he wanted to marry her.. I seriously don't know what to say now I'm lost for words... D-d-did you just say y-y-you wanted to m-m-marry Bells!! Yes Niall please she means the whole word to me. I wouldn't do anything to hurt her at all Niall!! Please I came to ask you first so you wouldn't be mad about it.. Okay okay Harry you can marry her, but I swear curly you do anything to make her cry I'm coming for you. Thank you thank you so much I swear you won't regret this. I sure hope not I mumbled under my breath.



Bells pov:

Once I finally got back on stage cause my friends decided to dance in the far back of the house Harry was on stage again. His hands were behind his back I was very confused nothing made any sense. He then got down on one knee, I covered my mouth in shock. Every one gasped in shock as well. Isabella Marie Horan, will you marry me? I started crying by this time it was just so surprising. The crowd started chanting " SAY YES, SAY YES, SAY YES!!!" I nodded by head because I was still surprised and I was too shocked to say anything. She said yes!!! the DJ said. He turned on Marry me by Jason Derulo. Everyone started dancing again. soon we have to start the contest. I grabbed the mic after Harry put the ring on my finger. Most of you girls I hope you have you bikini's for the contest. most of you got one most of you didn't I'm sorry if you didn't.  The contest will begin shortly!! The crowd was cheering like crazy. Girls who got the card for the contest go get you bikini's if you don't already have it with you and come upstairs and meet me in the room with the big "B" on the door! Some of the girls followed me and some of the went to go get theirs out the car or whatever.


So we got into my room and we started changing more girls started piling in. Wasn't many girls that got it cause I separated the cards for contests. they all handed me these 2x4 index cards with their information on it. Okay girls lets go !!! I grabbed my round cards. By the way there's only three rounds. We went down the stairs that led into the kitchen . I called them from card number they handed me I told them to wait right by the steps but no one still couldn't see them.


Otay ladies and gentleman there are 3 rounds and 5 girls.


1st place: 1 week spa resort

2nd place: iPad mini w/ $300 iTunes gift card

3rd place: iPhone 5c w/ $15 iTunes gift card

Now we have a voting table right over here everyone get to vote who's eliminated in this round. Then were after the second round it going to be the voting table for who wins. NOW LET'S GET STARTED PEOPLE!!!!!!

*after round 3 and counting votes*

Okay people the votes are in!! In 1st place we have Ariana Grande!!! In 2nd place we have Ashley Greene!!! Last but not least we have Cameron Dove for our 3rd place winner. These are our 2014 bikini contest winner!!! next year we're going to see who our next winners will be!! Sorry Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift maybe next year!! Everyone got their prizes and then Niall came on stage. He grabbed the mic from me! Everyone the please exist the house there are limo's waiting on us to go to our designated restaurant the guards will hand you all cards and the card you get have which limo and restaurant you go to. everyone is going somewhere different, and if your allergic to anything there please contact Bella and we will provide you with a different restaurant. Please exist orderly and quickly cause I'm starving! Everyone laughed. My friends the boys and I had our own special limo so we just went out the back door.

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