Niall's little sister

17 year old Isabella a.k.a bells or Bella Horan has a crush on Harry ...what will Niall have to say bout it? Will HARRY like her back?


21. chapter 14

  bells pov:



     I don't know what im gonna tell niall. my life is completely ruined!!! ughhhhhh how could I do this stupid stupid me..... harry this is all harrys fault. wel technically I cant blame him because im the one who wanted to do it too, and I know how bad harry wanted me.. ugh im gonna just come forward to niall okay I got this. why the fuck am I talking to myself . know what forget it im gonna text him to come up here and talk bout what just happened lik 10 minutes ago.


niall can you come up here I need to talk to you -rockstarssister


why shouldn't you be fucking my best mate -nialler



please niall I seriously need to talk to you!!! -rockstarssister


fine ill be up there in a minute -nialler


thank you niall!! I love you -rockstarssister


yea yea yea love you too -nialler


nialls pov:


I looked at the guys. ill be back im gonna go talk to bells. okay they all said in unsion... I walked up the steps and went down the hallway. I stopped in front of a door with a big 'B' on it. I knocked on the door and seconds later I heard feet patting across the wooden floor and the door opening, seeing a fully clothed bells.


harrys pov:


I gotta straightin this out between me bells and niall. I furiously raked through my messy curls. I went in the bathroom turned the shower on and peeled my boxers off. I hopped in the shower standing under the water thinking as the warm water hit my body.


bells pov:


I ran out my closet and opened the door to see big baby blue eyes starring at me. hey niall come in. I opened the door wider so he could come in.. he sat on the bed and looked at me. I walked over to the bed and sat net to him. look niall-- please don't go into too much detail he cut me off.. like I was saying , look niall im sorry you seen what you seen. why did you fuck him anyway and don't give the "he's my boyfriend" bullshit cause I don't care if he is or not!! just please tell me why.... I wanted him too I was ready to have sex niall! im not always gonna be your little sister im 18 now im an adult I can make my own decisions niall. ill learn from my mistakes that just tells me not to make that decision again. he just looked at me with a blank expression. "wow" was all he said ... okay I trust you bells but next time please just tell me cause you should know by now we all barge in each others room except for u.. I laughed. I hugged him , thank you for trusting me and not calling me a whore! why would I call you a whore??? I don't know I just thought you would. next thing you know the door bell rings.. niall runs down stairs while I get dressed in my strapless baby blue dress with sparkles around the boobs.. I then put on my favorite tiara. I opened my door walked down the hallway and stopped at the end of the hallway. I saw everyone piling in just looking around in awe. once people stopped piling in niall got on the stage and the crowd went wild.

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