Niall's little sister

17 year old Isabella a.k.a bells or Bella Horan has a crush on Harry ...what will Niall have to say bout it? Will HARRY like her back?


1. chapter 1

I heard my bestie Cherry ,but her name is Cher.


Hey cherry

What's wrong bells?

Nothing jus thinking as usual.

Oh ok you ready to go to class?

Sure lets go

So we walked to first period which was math. Math was okay but I have a B in math so I mean it's not really hard.

Class turn to page 219 in your workbook and do questions 1-20. Mr. Williams said

The whole class groaned it was really funny, it wasn't hard because like I said I have a B in math. The next class was Social Studies. I really hate S.S I have a D in this class.

 *skip rest of S.S*

My next class was Science. It was fun because I have to sit next to this guy who has a crush on me and we laughed and joked while we did our work. We got in trouble, but I took the blame for it because he's new so I didn't want him to get in trouble on his first day

*skip rest of science*

My other bestie Juan came up behind me and picked me up and twirled me around. It was funny cuz one of his friends kept spanking me with the racket. Then then Mr. Scott was like...


Then Juan and tommy flicked him off, and we all started laughing.

JUAN!!!!!! I yelled

What liberty bell!?!?

I laughed a little COME GIVE ME A PIGGY BACK RIDE!!!

He stood in front of the bleachers waiting on me(btw he's like 6'5 and I'm like 5'5... Yes yes I'm I'm short) so I got on the second step of the bleachers and jumped on his back and he ran around the the gym until the bell rang and we all sat down.

Today we are going to be learning how to play full court basketball. As some of you know I'm the new basketball coach. Mr. Scott said

Ok now everyone get into teams

Me, tommy, Juan, and a few other people got into a group. He said that one group was gonna be skins and the other had to be shirts. I really hope it wasn't us.. Just my damn luck our group got skins. Lucky I had on a sports bra.

Everyone whistled at me cuz for some really odd reason I was the only and I mean ONLY girl in that class. I had like a little 4 pack. So I was glad I wasn't chubby... I was thick but a good thick and my abs were faded cause I haven't worked out in a week or 2



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