The Seekers

A war, none like any other war... The world has advanced and no one is safe, troops are wiped out in seconds and hope is long lost. Desperate to end this war, the government frantically looks for answers. Who knew they would have to turn to a race that was thought to be extinct: The Seekers.


1. X

Loud footsteps echoed in a long corridor, each smacking of the footsteps seemed to bounce off the granite and marble walls. The place was clad in a lustrous shine, like dimonds, it would seem as if Royalty lived within the carpets and glass... It was all just an illusion, no such honour lived in that place, it was the opposite.

The footsteps grew louder and finally a pudgy message soldier, dressed in uniform, came to a halt upon two medieval looking doors, towering over his already short composure.

The soldier swallowed and wiped sweat from his forehead, took a painstakingly deep breath, and knocked four times, echo reverberating as if it had split into a million knocks.

A large man, one of authority judging by the manny medallions pinned to his chest coat, came to the door, his face turned to a scowl when he saw the pudgy soldier. "Tell me it be good news boy?" The large mans accent made it sound irish, mostly non understandable. The pudgy soldier put his hand to his head in a solute and started his report with a great amount of fear, and his legs shook, "Sir" he paused and looked towards the ground, "China has just invaded Russia, Western Australia is at civil war with the Eastern side, the U.S has been set afire by the germans, and Alaska is being attacked by Canada". The soldier drew in a huge breath and continued to ramble, "Canadian peace troops have been deployed and one third of the population is dead already, Russia refuses to back down and the U.S refuses to help in any way possable". There was a long moment of silence between the two men, both not having any idea of what to do next.

The large man ran his fingers thru his greying hair and sighed, "May as well try a new tactic, but no soldiers or guns", the soldier dropped his jaw instantly, feelings of anger and horror filled him as he raised his voice, "What?!".

The large man turned to him with a smile "crazy eh?" He laughed and continued, "let me tell you a little story about a forgotten race".

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