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1. Imagine for Zeinab Horan // No longer a diary.

Day 1

I remember the whole thing like it was yesterday. I remember how tight he held me, that night. I'm writing this down in a diary, and it's not because I feel sad or anything, it's more the fact that it makes me happy to talk about him, and I feel like this diary is the only solution. Oh, and if you don't know, I'm talking about Niall James Horan. My boyfriend. And now you have another question, I know. You probably wonder how I can have a boyfriend at that age, and be writing diaries at the same time. Doesen't it feel weird to be writing diaries, while being at this age? The answer is, no. I always do what makes me happy, and I do whatever i like, and I think you should do that too. Well, as I stated earlier in this diary, I was writing in this diary, because I wanted to talk about Niall, my boyfriend. We've been together for a while now, and he's arriving back here in London from the 'Take Me Home' tour. I'm so excited and I'm just so happy to see him again, it has been feeling like years to be honest. I don't feel like writing in this anymore, so I'm going for a nap. Dear diary, you'll hear from me tomorrow right before Niall arrives.


Day 2

1 hour to go, holy shit. I am shaking, being his girl is really hard but it is a hell of an experience. I wish everyone could try this. So yeah this ha...



... That is what my diary said exactly two years ago. I've been crying, laughing, smiling and what not while reading this. Oh and if you wonder what happened at the end, as i wrote that part he came from behind and hugged me. I didn't hear him come in with his crew, because I was listening to music. My heart skipped a few, hundred, millions, BILLIONS, of beats at that moment. Nevermind, I'm telling you all this 3 years after that epiode happened. I'm now 27 years old, and to be honest it felt weird not to be married yet. I guess it wasn't supposed to be like that, and now Niall is coming towards me. He's ready, all suited up. And we went on a date. It was nothing too expensive, it was a beautiful, french restaurant. Our food was ready. He didn't eat, he was just staring and smiling at me putting all the food in my mouth. He then started laughing, and then I realised it.. I heard trumpets behind me, and that escalated so quick that I didn't get to look around. Oh and I still had food in my mouth. I then realised he got off his chair, and I just real quick ate that food I had in my mouth. I turned around to see, that people were standing outside the windows all happy. Once I turned around again, and my heart is skipping while telling you this. He held a ring towards me, and he said it. He said the 4 most beautiful and dear words in this world. "Will you marry me, Zeinab?". That is everything that came out of his mouth, and I was just starring at him like some psycho would do. Then I realised what was happening, and I just shouted "YES YES YES OMG". He said "I love you" as he took the ring, and put it on my finger. He held me so tight, and then he kissed me. He wouldn't let go! I was happy though, he could kiss me all he want, but I was so happy! Once he let go, I saw through the opposite window that my parents were there, and guess what? They held up a huge sign saying 'CONGRATULATIONS'. I swear, this has been the best thing in my whole life. 




Hey guys, thanks for reading to those of you who has been reading it all. If you want a part two, just drop a comment below saying it. :)

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