The next step for The Shield and Their Girl

part 2 of the journey of the shields and their girl, this shows how star got married to Roman reigns


1. Star's dreams come true

Star was both women’s and diva’s champion and now she is getting married to her one true love Roman Reigns plus she was happy when Tripple H put her as The Shield’s girl, as Seth and Dean walked past the happy couples room they popped their head in the door and seen Star sleeping on Roman’s chest and him with his arms cuddled on to her, so the went in to the room as quiet as mice then they ran and dived on both Star and Roman to wake them up.


As Roman was the first one to wake up Dean and Seth run back down the stairs, just as Roman moved to get up and dresses Star woke up and said

“Morning baby how you feeling today”

As Roman looked back and seen star with just her top and jeans on, as star and Roman head down stairs Roman and Star both give Dean and Seth a dirty look because they had woke them up, just as Roman went for Dean Star grabbed Roman and kissed him just to calm him down cause she knew that kissing Roman was the only way to do it, while Seth and Dean where making breakfast Roman and Star where planning a day to get married but they where torn between 25 may or the 25 December so they tossed a coin and it landed on heads so the wedding day was the 25 may 2015.


Star always looked back on the good memories like when she first met her husband to be and when she first met the shield, she knew that the first day she met Roman that their love would over rule all love she had before she met Roman like the time she was dating Randy Orton before he cheated on her with Kelly Kelly and then there was a time she was with Batista till he cheated on her with Aj Lee then the last one she was with was The Undertaker till he did the same as the others and cheated on her with Michelle McCool so she was hoping that Roman wouldn’t do the same thing to her but she had that gut feeling that he would never hurt her.


As she sits on the chair eating her food and watching Roman, Seth and Dean eating theirs she sits and watches as she has finished hers and waiting for the other three to finish theirs so they can go and train cause once again Dean wont give on the Wyatts so they have another six man tag team match this time the odds have changed into the shield’s favor so they will win this one just as they have all the rest.


Just as it hits time to leave the house and head to Raw for the match Roman and Star go in her Evo 10, Seth goes in his skyline and Dean goes in his Lamborghini SP just to get there on time as they left the house a bit late and needed to get to the stadium on time if not they where going to miss their match just as they all leave the house the first car to leave was Seth in his Lamborghini SP, next was Dean in his skyline and last of all was Roman and Star in the Evo 10.

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