prussia x reader x America interesting new girl

You are the new girl at school Gilbert and Alfred have quite the interest in you


4. Study date

 (Y/N)'s pov

The last class for the day was just about done and I really just want to stand up and walk out. Right before my bored-ness got the best of me the bell rang I jumped up grabbed my stuff and walked out. I grabbed my math textbook just incase I need it when I'm helping Alfred with his math home work.

Where the hell is Alfred I can't find him anywhere I checked in the parking lot and around the school I guess I will text Gil so see if he have seen him so I pulled out my phone and sent a text :hey have you seen Alfred: A couple of minutes later I got a reply :No I haven't maybe we should just hang out instead of you wasting your time on finding him: I smiled and giggled but I'm not gonna do that to Alfred so I'm gonna just keep looking for him. I was walking past the nurses office I kind of glanced in the widow and saw Alfred all beat up I backed up and open the door I walked up to him he looked at me and sighed "Alfred whats happen to you" I asked in a worried voice he then replied "Gilbert's little gang beat me up and told me to stay away from you I didn't fight back because if I did I probably would have been called out to be the bad guy" I hugged him straight away and said "Al I should have listened to you about Gilbert I'm sorry" He said an its okay quietly I leaned back with my arms still around his neck and smiled and said in a cheerful voice "Now we won't let this bad event ruin our day lets go have some fun alliee" He laughed and said "Hey! don't call me that (E/N/N)" I laughed as well and replied "Then don't call me that Alliee" I longed the the name Alliee just to bother him more, He just smiled and laughed I then asked "you still want that help with your math" he replied "Yeah but I wanna hang out a bit before we get to working on that" I nodded. He asked "Um whats the driving arrangement I can't really walk well let alone drive...." I thought for a moment and then replied "Well I can drive you home in you're car and then when I leave you're place I can walk back to the school maybe and drive home" he smiled and suggested "How about you stay the night and then we can drive in my car to school in the morning and you can drive home with you're car" I agreed 

In the car ride to his house we were just talking, He told me about his friend group at school. He all of the friends that he hangs out every day are actually family members and Arthur is his older cousin he said Arthur kinda raised him. Apparently Al's parents sent him to live with his aunt and uncle for a while in England when he was a pre-schooler but it was so Alfred can get parented properly Al's parents were always away on important work trips so they couldn't take care him themselves they hired a nanny but thought it would be best if he would spend time with family instead of someone they hired. That turned out to be not really better then just his parents his Uncle and aunt were on work trips too a lot so his cousin that was only two years older then him raised his and taught him proper ways even though Arthur was almost the same age as Al, Arthur was very mature smart and proper soon enough Al got a call from his parents  telling him that his mom stopped working and had another baby boy and that she wanted him home so she can raise them while his worked for the family. Arthur did not want Al to leave he was his guardian. Now this was the time around when Al was 8 and Arthur was 10 so Al spent a good 5 years there with Arthur and Arthur did not want his "brother" to be took away from him so his parents gave up on trying to keep him there and let him move to America with Al. At the end of this story of the long story all told me i just couldn't stop smiling it was so cute he laughed at my smile when we arrived at his house I helped Al walk in and from a corner came around a beautiful middle aged woman with blonde hair and and purple eyes she smiled said "Alfred can you please introduce me to your pretty girl that you have brought home" I smiled and then she looked at Alfreds face and grabbed him inspecting his face she then asked in a serious voice "Alfred what happen to your face you covered in bruises" he then said "oh well I got beat up I'll talk to you about it later mom but don't worry please" she then wanted to know but kept in the questions to respect her son.

Al brought me up to his room and he sat on the bed we talked more and more and got to know each other and then I got a text from Gilbert I ignored it. I was laying on his bed with my feet on the floor and Al laying next to me he saw I looked at my phone and there was a text and then frowned but he just erased the thought of Gilbert and sat up and asked "Wanna go get some McDonalds" I laughed and agreed we walked down Al was getting used to walking he told me the company helps forget the soreness but I drove again and went to McDonalds I remember seeing one on the way to school So i drove there. When we got to the McDonalds we decided to eat inside. We walked in and right when we walked in we saw Gilbert and his friends. I glanced but then instead of glaring I told Alfred quietly to not worry and to put his arm around me so he did and we ordered our food and when and sat down on the same side of the booth so I was next to Al. My plan is to make it seem like I'm Al's tell Gilbert and his friends off and threaten my dad on them if they complain or something my dad is a huge scary dude we also moved here so he can be the head of police here which is true. I know the plan sounds childish but I don't want Al getting hurt again. I told Al my plan quietly and he nodded he fed me fries kissed my cheek flirted and kept his arm around my waist Gilbert looked like he was about to explode but then I took Al's face in my hands and kissed him and I actually felt something sparks bombs fireworks I didn't stop kissing him longer then I thought and when we pulled apart we stared at each other and Al kissed me again more fireworks and bombs and after I knew this isn't a planned fake relationship now I want it to be real I think he feels the same way!..


Okay so I know I have not updated at all but I will start updating on a daily basis now and in the next chapter see Gils reaction and the start of something and the truth about something. but who was lying?

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