prussia x reader x America interesting new girl

You are the new girl at school Gilbert and Alfred have quite the interest in you


2. Starbucks!

 (Alfred's p.o.v)

 Why did I have to pick up the phone all it was was my stupid little brother Matt now (Y/N) might go out with Gilbert but I might have a chance she might say no or she might say yes right now I'm sitting in English class I can't get my mind off the thought of her going out with Gilbert I know I just met her but right when I looked in to her eyes I fell in love her beautiful (E/C) eyes and her (H/L) (H/C) shes just gorgeous her smile is perfect and she will be mine I'm a hero and I will save her from the horrible Gilbert.

(Gilbert's p.o.v)

Please make her say yes Please make her say yes I can't stop thinking about her she's not like any of those girls all of them I only wanted sex but with (Y/N) I actually vant her to be my girl I want to call her mine she's beautiful and with the un-awesome Alfred getting in my way its totally not awesome I will get her to be mine no matter what I do!

(Your .p.o.v)

 So I'm in math class I'm not even paying attention I'm still thinking about if I should go with Gilbert to Starbuck's I mean what if Alfred was lying to me about what Gilbert is trying to do? But what if Alfred was telling the truth? What am I going to do? Threw out all my thinking I didn't even hear the bell ring I guess that means its lunch so I got up gathered all my stuff and when out I went to my locker and put my stuff into it but right then in there Alfred came up to me and asked if I want to sit with him and his friends so I said sure and then he grabbed my hand and we walked to the lunch room when we got there and got our lunches he led me to a table with two other people at it one had dirty blonde hair with glasses that kinda looked like Alfred and the other had blonde hair and bushy eyebrows that fit him really well we sat down at the table and Alfred said "hey guys I would like you to meet (Y/N) shes new" I said hi and then the one with bushy eyebrows said "Hello love I'm Arther nice to meet you" we shook hands and then the one with glasses that looks like Alfred said "Hi I'm Matthew I'm Alfred's brother nice to meet you" I said hi and shook his hand and I thought That's why they look alike there brothers' Alfred then said "shes already got Gilbert on her tail" Arther then said "well its not a surprising shes new and hes slept with almost every girl in the school" Alfred then asked me "Are you really going to go with him to Starbuck's after school" I replied "I don't know I'm still thinking" "Well you shouldn't I'm telling you he's a bad guy" he said "Well I guess thanks for looking out for me" I said "your welcome who wouldn't want to protect you your beautiful"he said "Aww thanks Alfred well we were having this conversation Matthew and Arther were just sitting there awkwardly. As I was eating I looked up and saw Alfred glaring at someone I turned around and of course he was glaring at Gilbert and Gilbert was glaring right back I didn't like that so I asked Alfred a question to break the glaring contest "So Alfred whats you best class".

(Gilbert p.o.v.)

God dammit I really hate this guy right now he just sitting talking to the girl I want to be with And now he's glaring at me he is totally not awesome. Well I was glaring at Him I didn't even notice Antonio waving a hand in front of my face "Huh what" I said breaking out of the a strong glaring trance and then he said "Well we were asking you if your going to my my party to night" I replied "I don't know maybe" he said "what is wrong with you today and who was that girl you were talking to in class" "oh um her shes new" Francis cut me off and said "your trying sleep with her" "no I like her and I think I actually want her to be my girlfriend" they both gasped and Antonio said " Oh my god the great and awesome Gilbert actually getting a girlfriend" I chuckled and Answered "Well maybe If that un-awesome Alfred Jones doesn't brain wash her in to thinking I'm a bad guy" Then I looked other at where he was sitting with my dream girl they both looked she was giggling and smiling god that smile was adorable the only bad thing it was caused by Alfred Antonio asked "have you asked her out yet" I replied "yea but she said she would think about it but know that Alfred filling her head up with those things shes probably going to say no" "well you need to keep trying be nice don't flirt because that would make it seem like your trying to play her just be nice" Antonio told me well I guess I will fight for my dream girl

(Magical time skip brought to you by Gilbird)

 (Your p.o.v)

 Its after school and I have decided I will go to starbucks with Gilbert But right now I at my locker getting my stuff and then I felt a tap on my shoulder I turned around It was Gilbert He asked "have you decided if you want to go or not"  "Uh yea I did and yea I do" I replied he smiled and held out his hand and asked do you have a car "yea I do I just decided to get to walk this morning" I said " oh cool I hope you don't mind riding on a motorcycle" he said I replied "no I'm fine with it" we reached his motorcycle in the parking lot he had a extra helmet with him I put it on and hoped on the bike behind him I held on to his waist tightly just because I said I was fine with doesn't mean I'm not scared. We finally arrived at starbucks we went in and got coffee and sat at a table he then said "ok I'm going to be straight up and not going to lie yes I one of the players in the school but no I'm not trying to play you I actually like you your well very beautiful and I want to see If I can even have a chance at being anything with you" I was kind of shocked that he told me he was the player of the school I said "well you might have a chance I don't know right now I just met you" "I understand so lets get to know each other tell me about your self" "Well I'm 16 my favorite color is (F/C) I moved here from (insert place u please) and that's about it" "Well your a pretty simple girl but you beautifulness is not simple" he said you giggled "very cheesy but thanks" he giggled and said "well its true you are very beautiful "Sooo Gilbert tell me about yourself" "Well I'm kind of awesome I have a Bird named Gilbird and I'm from Germany also my favorite color is black and I have a younger brother named Ludwig " he said did he just say he named his bird Gilbird well isn't that adorable ten I said "Well that's kind of adorable that you named you bird that" I said with a giggle

(Alfreds p.o.v)

 I was walking bye starbucks and I saw (Y/N) with Gilbert and the worst part is he was actually making you laugh this made me mad why did she go out with him? did she not believe what I said about him then when I looked again they were getting up from the table and threw away there coffee cups then when they got out side I hid I didn't want to seem like I was following them they got on his motorcycle she hugged his waist now that made my blood boil l know I just met her but shes like everything I want in a girl I really want her to be mine!

(Your p.o.v)

I told Gilbert my address he drove there I got off his bike and took of the helmet and asked if he wanted to come in he replied with a yes I unlocked the door and took his hand and led him to my room we got to my room which is the only room in the house that was all the way un packed and said welcome to my room he began looking around my room I sat on my bed and asked you wanna play some COD he replied with a hell yea and now I can tell he likes video games I set up the game for live we went on the same team of course it was live I gave him a extra head set he put it on and we began to play

(Several hours of COD later and falling asleep during a video scene)

I opened my eyes I guess I fell asleep I sat up and there was Gilbert asleep right next to me I picked up his phone and added my number in it surprising he didn't have a password and I added his number into my phone Right then in there he opened his eyes and sat up he looked at me and said "Hey Beautiful" I giggled and said hey I looked at the time it was 8 at night he saw the time too and said "I should be heading back to my place it was good hanging out with you" he kissed you on the cheek and left out of your room I guess I shouldn't assume people cause he was really sweet

(Gilbert p.o.v)

I was so happy that was the most amazing date I have ever been on I looked at my phone she added her number yes! lets just hope Alfred doesn't get in the way.


(Hope you enjoyed reading!)

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