prussia x reader x America interesting new girl

You are the new girl at school Gilbert and Alfred have quite the interest in you


3. Next day

 (Alfred's P.O.V)

I'm driving to school right now and I can't get the fact that (Y/N) might have actually went out with Gilbert I mean I can't just straight up ask her if she went out with him so I'm just going to forget about it..............I can't do that damn it

Time skip by wait for it.............magic unicorns!!!!

(Alfred's P.O.V)

Ok there's (Y/N) at her locker I walked up and said "Hey (N/N) uh I was wondering if you were good at math" "Uh why do you need help" she replied "Um yea I do can you come over after school so you can help me" I said "Sure" she replied I grabbed her hand and held it and began to walk her to our first class we walked in and gilbert was in his little lady users group so I took her in to the back I sat down in my seat and she sat down in the one next to mine well nothing seem's out of the ordinary so I think everything will be fine.

(Your P.O.V)

I saw Gilbert walking up he sat in the seat in front of mine and said " hey schon So when did you put you number in my phone last night" I giggled and said "well I woke up before you so I grabbed your phone and put in it" "Oh well I'm glad you did" Gilbert said back with a wink

(Gilbert's P.O.V)

As I was talking to (Y/N) I looked over and saw Alfred glaring at me well screw him then he is such a dick I'm just gonna ignore him and focus on the beautiful girl in front of me I looked back into her eyes and asked her "so you wanna do anything tonight with me" she answered "I can't I promised to help Alfred with math tonight" I frowned and said "Okay but if you get done early Call me kay" she giggled and nodded

Alfred's pov

god dammit they spent the day together !!! well at least ill get to spend time with her tonight

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