prussia x reader x America interesting new girl

You are the new girl at school Gilbert and Alfred have quite the interest in you


1. New girl

 (Your pov)

  I walked up the stairs to the new school that I didn't want to go to in the first place but my dad of course does not want to hear it. When I was finally in the school I started searching for the office there were people walking threw the halls walking to there lockers. As I reached a door that had a sign on the door that said office well that's obvious that this is the office I was about to go in when I got pinned to the wall by one of my arms. Before I looked up to see who did this to me I heard the boy speak he had a accent that was kind of adorable he said" hey schön (beautiful) you must be new because I haven't seen you around Liebe (love)" "Yes I'm new now can you please let me go" I replied in kind of a cocky way I mean he is really hot but you can't just go up to a girl that you have never met and pin them to the wall " oh being mean when I'm only trying to be nice" he said "Really being nice is pinning a girl to the wall" I said " well yes especially when they want my awesome 5 meters " he said as he finally let go he pulled out a marker before you can even respond he wrote his number write on your wrist and under it was his name Gilbert. Really did that just happen I thought to myself. I walked into the office got my schedule I have History first as I was walking not even paying attention I ran into someone I looked up there was a dirty blonde boy with glasses and a bombers jacket I quickly said sorry I wasn't paying attention he said " its ok hey! are you new here I haven't seen you around here" "yea I am" I said he then said " well you seem kinda lost what class are you looking for?" I answered " history" he then said "we have the same class come on I will take you there" he then grabbed my hand and began walking to the history class. When we got there we both went in the first person I saw was Gilbert and a dude with brown hair tan skin and green eyes and a other dude with kind of long blonde hair with blue eyes when Gilbert saw me he winked and did a little chuckle which I kind of blushed when he did those things the boy that showed me here pulled me aside and said " I never got to find out your name " I replied with " its (Y/N) " he then said " Well mines Alfred nice to properly meet you " he said I looked over and Gilbert was watching us intently it was kind of creepy alfred saw to he then asked me " Did you talk to him " I responded with a nod he then said " well don't talk to him if you don't want to get hurt  he's one of the schools players " " Really " I said " yea he's probably slept with every girl in the school " I looked at Alfred with a shocked expression well I should have seen that coming because it normally happens to me Alfred then saw Gilbert's name on my hand and grabbed it and a marker and wrote his number with his name I saw what he was doing and I smiled I looked at Gilbert he's was glaring at Alfred I don't understand it he doesn't even know my name I looked away and saw Alfred glaring right back at him and then his focus was on me again he then pulled my hand to one of the seats farthest away from Gilbert and sat me down and sat down next to me I then pulled out my phone and put Alfred's number in it I didn't put Gilbert's in after I found out that no way am I going to let him get in my pants I saw Gilbert come up to me he then sat in the seat in front of me turned so he was facing me I looked up from my cell phone I saw him He then began to speak " I'm sorry Liebe but I never got that name " " (Y/N) " you responded you saw at the corner of your eye Alfred glaring at him Gilbert ignored him and said " beautiful name for a beautiful girl " you then blushed and looked away Alfred saw this and said " Gilbert stop trying to get in the new girls pants it's not even going to happen after I told her your real intentions " " Oh come on Alfred stop trying to place what your trying to do on me " Alfred was about to say something but his phone rang he picked it up well he was talking to who ever it was Gilbert said " How bout after school I will take you out to Starbucks and we can get to know each other " " I'll think about it k " he then kissed you on the cheek and said k and walked off to where he was sitting earlier oh god why did i have to move  you thought as bell rung and class was starting



( the next chapter will be made in maybe tomorrow or another today I'm sure when ever i get it done please heart and write in the comments what you think so far)


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