prussia x reader x America interesting new girl

You are the new girl at school Gilbert and Alfred have quite the interest in you


5. Ermahgerd

Your pov

We kept kissing and snuggling each other at this point I don't care what Gilbert's feeling right now...I mean that sounded harsh but he is a player right? I met these two guys only just a few days ago what am I doing!? I am in a fake relationship with one of them and was told the other was going to play me just to get into my pants. I sighed as I thought about all this Al looked over with a look of concern and asked If I was okay I nodded and lied my head on his shoulder he smiled and continued playing with phone and eating his food. I glanced over at Gilbert he looked beyond pissed off he looked like he was going to march over and rip someones throat out...well rip Alfred's throat out.. Before a scene happened I got out Alfred's loving grip and sat up and slowly began to walk over to his table I could feel Al's eyes on me the whole time I was walking I got to the table and sat across from Gil next to a longish haired blonde guy he looked at me as I sat next to him Gil shooed the guy I was sitting next to and the other guy that was sitting next to Gil away. Gil got a low voice and lowered his head still looking in my eyes he then said "So when did you the American get together" I tilted my head and smiled playing it innocent and replied "Well our study date went really well and that's it" He scowled and spitted out a whisper yell mess "Really well!? What the hell does that mean you fucking hooked up with him first date" I scowled "You really fucking think that!" I said back "Well it fucking looks like it, Did the dates we had mean anything?" His sentence changed to sympathy my scowl disappeared and shook my head and said "They meant something but I can see what you think of me I also never said I was yours so you should not be acting like I am" I sat up while saying this and walked back to Al's table I sat back down next to him he immediately faced me. Al then said "So what happened I saw him scowling and it looked like he wasn't exactly the happiest or was being the nicest" I looked at him back and said well "He basically said that I was acting like a whore and said I slept with you last night" Al scowled I then said "It doesn't matter let's go back to your place okay" He nodded "It is still not okay" We got up and walked out to Alfred's car. He drove this time. We arrived at his house and Al walked into his house and His mother was sitting in the living room with a guy? Al and I walked into the living room Al spoke "Dad I didn't think you would be home this early from your trip Al went to go hug him his dad smiled and hugged him back his mom giggled I stood awkwardly in the door way Al pulled back and said dad this is my..Girlfriend (Y/N) Al's mom choked on her tea and said "You never told me this why!?" Al chuckled nervously and said "I don't know just never came up I guess" Al grabbed onto my waist and held I shook his dad's hand Al and I sat onto the love seat while his dad sat next to his mom on the sofa. His parents were asking a ton of questions now...His dad asked "So why did you move to this town?" I replied with a small smile "Um well my dad got an offer from the local sheriffs department and he took it and now he is the chef of police" He smiled back and said "Your mother?" "Well my mom is a ER nurse so she comes home sleeps during the day and leaves at night so my parents are not really home that much" I giggled and they smiled and Al's mom said "Well if you ever get lonely you can come and stay here for as long as you like" I giggled again Al chuckled Al then said "Well we are gonna be up in my room hanging out" They nodded and we headed up to Al's room. Al closed his door and said "Sorry I said girlfriend I kinda thought it would just be easier for me to say and not get teased on why I am  not 'Tying you down'" I giggled and sat down on his bed I blushed and said with a stutter "W-what about me actually being you're girlfriend?" He blushed also and replied "Well that would be nice"

Gilbert's pov

I thrusted into her over and over again harder each time with my eyes closed the entire time I thrusted one last time and slipped my self out of her and flopped over I got out of her bed and put my clothes on while she was heavily breathing I walked out of her room and left her house I was walking to my place. I should not have done that but I had to for me it calms me down mentally especially with what happened with (Y/N) today I just....Fuck.

Alfred's pov

I was kissing (Y/N) softly She was also on my lap...I don't plan on doing anything with her like that but I rather enjoy this she was blushing during the kisses and her lips were swollen from our little make out session she scooted off of my lap and sat next me and cuddled up to my side she started falling asleep and I ended up too....

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