The Walking Dead

21 year old Holly Jacobs and her big brother Logan find themselves in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. With almost no hope of survival, the siblings come upon a thriving civilization of survivors, lead by a former sheriff by the name of Rick Grimes. Will Holly and Logan find hope with this group? Or will they be torn to pieces?


16. To Go or Not To Go


Someone was calling my name. I could still feel the hard pavement against the back of my head. 

"C'mon Holly, you gotta wake up now." 

I felt like I had been asleep for ages. It had to be morning by now. I prepared myself for a painfully bright flash of light as my eyes flickered open, but I was wrong. There was no light. I saw the same darkness I had seen only moments ago. 

When my eyes readjusted, I recognized Logan standing over me. I saw him smile. 

"There you are," he said. 

"Where am I?" I asked confusedly. Logan began to grab my arms to help me up. 

"Same place you were a minute ago," he replied, almost sounding annoyed. 

"I blacked out again," I mumbled. 

"We don't blame you," I heard a voice say. 

Once I was all the way standing, I looked to the crowd of concerned looking faces standing in front of me. It was Hershel who had sympathized with me. I shot him a grateful look. 

I suddenly noticed that Rick was gone. 

"Where did he go?" I asked Hershel, looking around.

"He'll be back. He's just blowing off steam," Hershel replied, knowing exactly who I was talking about. 

I nodded nervously and waited for someone to say something. Beth came forward and grabbed my hands. 

"We should get you to bed," she said softly. 

I nodded and followed her back to our tent. Before I entered it, I made eye contact with my brother. I could see the fear in his eyes of what was to come. 

I was still very confused. But I was much too tired to think of anything but sleep at that point. It didn't take long for me to doze off yet again...

When I awoke the next morning, the camp seemed far too quiet. Usually the first thing I hear when I wake up is the sound of raw fish cooking on a crackling fire or water jugs being carried from the stream. 

I almost always hear voices. But there were no voices. 

When I noticed this, I became alarmed. I stood up and dressed myself quickly. I grabbed my gun and safely stashed it into my belt pocket before leaving my tent. 

I was right. Hardly anyone was around. I decided to walk a few steps and take a good look around before I panicked. I felt immediate relief when I saw Michonne pulling clothes out of her tent and stuffing them in her backpack. 

I jogged over to her. 

"Hey, what's going on?" I asked suspiciously. 

She didn't look up at me. I watched as she grabbed a gray coat and examined it. Instead of putting it in her bag, she put it on.

"What do you mean?" she replied. 

"I mean where is everyone?" I was growing impatient. 

Michonne pointed over to the edge of the road where the rest of the group surrounded three vehicles. I recognized one as being the truck that wouldn't start, and two others I hadn't seen before. 

I jogged over to the rest of the group, still very confused. As I got closer, they started to notice me. 

"Did we wake you?" Maggie asked worriedly. "We tried to let you sleep in." 

"No, I didn't hear anything. Thank you," I replied. I quickly turned to Logan. 

"What's going on?" I asked him. 

Logan pulled me aside while the rest of the group continued to examine the vehicles. He grabbed hold of my arm and tried to whisper in my ear. 

"They're leaving, Holly." 

"Leaving? To go where?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing. But then I remembered what Rick had said the night before. 

"I don't know. I don't even think they know," he replied. 

I took a deep breath as I watched them converse over who would ride in which vehicle, and how they would plan to replenish gas along the way. 

"I should go pack, then," I said. I began to turn away to go throw my last minute items into my bag when Logan's grip on my arm tightened. 

"That depends," he whispered quickly. 

"On what?" 

"Do we want to go with them?" 

His words rang in my ears. I couldn't believe that he was even asking that. We spent months on the road together without food, water, weapons, or a plan. I was not about to go back to that life. 

"Are you seriously asking that?" My voice grew louder. He tightened his grip on my arm, gesturing for me to quiet down. 

"I'm just saying," he continued. "We still don't really know these people. They could easily run into trouble out there and all be dead by sunset. We have a serious choice to make, Holly." 

"Okay fine. Let's say we didn't go with them. Where would we go?" I challenged him.

"We could stay here," he suggested.

"There isn't anything for us here," I snapped. "Plus, you heard Rick. It isn't safe here." 

"He based that off of one incident," he snapped back. "One walker." 

"Yes but that one walker could have killed every single person here," I argued. 

Logan didn't say anything after that. He just looked at me with angry eyes. I knew a lot of what he was saying was true... 

All it would take is for them to cross paths with a mob of walkers while driving and that would be the end of the line. But I knew that I'd rather take my chances with the group, with Rick and Daryl, rather than on my own with my brother. 

"I'm not gonna abandon these people," I told him. "They've done alright by me." 

With that, I forcefully freed my arm from my brother's grip and stomped back to my tent. I picked up my blanket and borrowed clothes, threw my backpack over my shoulder and crawled through the tent opening one last time. I took down the empty tent and folded it small enough to fit in my backpack.

I marched back to the group at the side of the road and stomped my foot to get their attention, especially Logan's. 

"I'm ready." 










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